31 December 2012

A Blessing for the New Year

All children have the Blessing surname.
All children were born in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany unless otherwise indicated.
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 B: 1 Nov 1646 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 D: 6 Sep 1706 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

 Agatha Blessing (1538-1616)
 Married 1560 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Johannes, B: 27 Aug 1565
 Johannes, B: 29 Sep 1566
 Barbara, B: 26 Aug 1567
 Georg, B: 19 Feb 1570
 Bartholomäus, B: 24 Aug 1572
 Barbara, B: 20 Jul 1574
 Margaretha, B: 28 Oct 1576
 Agatha, B: 8 May 1578
 Johann Georg, B: 27 Sep 1579

 Maria Reissinger (1561-1637)
 Married 1583 in Nellingen, Alb-Donau-Kreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Johann Georg, B: 27 Sep 1579

 Margarethe Rapp (1651-1725)
 Married 1671 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Georg, B: 16 Jan 1674
 Johann Michael, B: 13 Mar 1677
 Leonhard, B: 15 Sep 1678
 Andreas, B: 15 Feb 1680
 Andreas, B: 26 Mar 1681
 Peter, B: 3 Dec 1682
 Bartholomäus, B: 19 Aug 1684
 Joseph, B: 30 Sep 1688
 Anna Margaretha, B: 2 Jun 1690
 Ulrich, B: 29 Feb 1692

 Margarethe Schmid (1644-1679)
 Married 1678 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 No children

 Margarethe Hauser (1661-????)
 Married 1679 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Margarethe, B: 3 Aug 1681
 Johann Ulrich, B: 26 Jan 1684
 Georg, B: 12 Jan 1688
 Bartholomäus, B: 27 Jan 1690
 Waldburga, B: 25 May 1692
 Michael, B: 20 Feb 1694
 Maria, B: 11 May 1698
 Anna Catharine, B: 15 Dec 1699

 Dorothea Müller (1650-????)
 Married 1706 in Schlat, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 No children

 Helena Blessing (1753-1796)
 Married 1774 in Kleineislingen, Donaukreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 No children

 Anna Catharina Häderle (1752-1813)
 Married 1777 in Sparwiessen, Donaukreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Anna Maria, B: 18 Mar 1789 in Sparwiesen, Goppingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
 Johann Georg, B: 6 Apr 1791 in Sparwiesen, Donaukreis, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

 Anna Maria Widmann (1763-1837)
 Married 1787
 Christina, B: 13 Nov 1790
 Maria Barbara, B: 26 Aug 1796
 Johann Georg, B: 27 Dec 1803

 Anna Marie Wust (1651-1725)
 No marriage date
 No children

27 December 2012

Fixing What's Not Broken 2

The threads on Ancestry.com's Facebook page have changed to "What can Ancestry.com do better?" but they are still posted once a week. Most people who comment never look at the thread again so replying over there seems rather pointless. At least here I can entertain myself and hopefully some of you too.
You know what's after the jump. As always the comments are cut and pasted with no corrections and my comments are in red.

24 December 2012

Jesus of Connecticut

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 Joseph ( Father Of Jesus)
 B: Bethelehem,Palestine
 D: Nazareth,Palestine

 Heli Ben Matthat
 B: Luke, Allegany, Maryland, United States
 D: July, Ad Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales

 Mary The Virgin
 B: Nazareth, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States
 D: France
 James Arimathea Brother the Lord
 B: Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: Glastonbury, Somerset, England
 Jesus Christ
 B: Bethlehem, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
 D: Golgatha, Yerushalayim, Israel
 Joseph Of Arimathaea
 B: Bc Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales
 Joseph Of Arimathaea
 B: 0001 in Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: 0101 in Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales

 Jesus Christ
 B: Israel
 D: Israel

20 December 2012

Top Ten

This is my 100th post! Thank you all for reading my blog! In the first few months there were a couple times I considered quitting but because I had a few subscribers and some encouraging friends I kept going. I'm having a lot of fun, despite the head banging, and hope to keep going for at least 100 more :-)
These have been the most popular posts so far:

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 2. My DNA Results

 1. Free Gen Websites

Here are a few of my favorites that didn't make the top ten:

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If you have a favorite post I hope you'll share it with your genie friends. Thanks!

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17 December 2012

Love Yourself

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 Barsheba McGee (1796-1867)
   Father: Bernard Clements (1770-1807)
   Mother: ???
   Spouse: Barsheba McGee (1808-1871)
 Child's name, sex, birth year
 Benjamin N Clements, M, 1823
 Benjamin Clements, M, 1823
 David Clemens Clements, M, 1826
 Mary A Clements, F, 1828
 Clemens Clements, F, 1831
 Thomas Clements, M, 1831
 A Maning Clements, M, 1833
 Manen Clements, M, 1833
 Frances Clements, F, 1836
 Frances D Clements, F, 1836
 Wiltha Wealthy Ann Clements, F, 1838
 W A Clemens, M, 1838
 Solomon Clements, M, 1840
 Sarah M Clements, F, 1842
 Joel J Clements, M, 1844
 Flora Clements, F, 1848

14 December 2012

Oh My Gods!

The first name on each row is the child of the couple above them.
For the first two entries the info in parentheses is part of the name. After that anything in parentheses is birth and/or death info.
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 Poseidon (Greek God) m. Libya (Mythology)
 King Belus (Mythology) Egypt m. Achiroe
 Danaus Argos m. Pieria
 Queen Hypermnestra of Argos m. King Lynceus of Argos
 King Abas of Argos m. Queen Aglaia of Argos
 King Proetus of Tiryns m. Princess Danae of Argos
 King Perseus of Mycene (B: Zeus was real father) m. Queen Andromeda of Mycene
 Prince Alcaeus of Mycene m. Hipponome of Thebes
 Prince Amphiktryon of Mycene m. Princess Alkmene of Argos
 Prince Heracles of Thebes and Argos (B: Son of Zeus) m. Princess Astyoche of Ephyra
 Prince Antiochus of Thebes and Argos*
 Phylas of Corinth m. Leipephilene of Thebes
 King Hippotes of Corinth*
 King Aletes of Corinth*
 King Ixion of Corinth*
 King Agelas of Corinth*
 King Prymnis of Corinth*
 King Bacchis of Corinth*
 King Agelas II of Corinth*
 King Eudemus of Corinth*
 King Aristomedes of Corinth*
 King Arrabaios of Lynkos and Sirras*
 Prince Irrhus of Lyngos*
 Queen Eurydice m. King Amyntas III of Macedonia
 King Philip II of Macedonia m. Olympias of the Molossians
 King Alexander the Great m. Roxana Baktria
 Princess Aesopia Macedonia m. Prince Achaeus I of Syria
 Andromachus of Syria*
 Laodice of Syria m. Seleucus Syria
 Antiochus Megas Syria*
 Cleopatra I of Syria (D: Oct) m King Ptolemy V Epiphanes of Egypt
 Ptolemy VIII Euergetis II King of Egypt m. Cleopatra III Euergetis Queen of Egypt
 Pharoah Ptolemy IX Soter of Egypt*
 Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes of Egypt m. Eupatra
 Arisone De Egypt m. King Hyrcanus II of Judea
 Alexandria Regent m. Ptolemy Bar Menneus
 Mariamne I of Judea m. Herod the Great
 Aristobulus Arria m. Berenice of Judea
 Mariamne Arria m. Titus Flavius Sabinus
 Mariamne Caecina Arria m. Gaius Calpernius Piso
 Arrius Antoninus Piso m. Boionia Procilla Servilia
 Pompeia Plotina Piso m. Marcus Ulpius Trajan
 Julianus Calpernius Piso m. Domitia Lucila Tranjanus
 Marcus Aurelius (B: 26 Apr, D: 17 Mar) m. Annia Galeria Faustina
 Crispus Commodus (B: 31 Aug, D: 31 Dec) m. Bruttia Crispina
 Claudia Crispina m. Flavius Eutropius
 Eutropia Crispina Crispus m. Marcus Aurelias Maximian
 Flavia Maximiana Fausta m. Emperor Constantine the Great
 Flavius Julius Constantius II Roman Emperor (B: 7 Aug, D: 3 Nov) m. Fausta Rome
 Constantia Verch Constantine m. Gratianus de Panonia
 Valentinian I Rome m. Justina
 Galla Justina Valentinia m. Theodosius
 Galla Placidia (D: 27 Nov) m. Weldelphus of Thuringia
 Basina de Thuringia m. Wedelphus Von Saxe
 Wedelphe de Saxe m. Clodoweg Le Franc
 Amalaberge Von Saxe m. Childebert I Von Koln
 Sigebert I De Cologne*
 Basin De Thuringe m. Menia Thuringe
 Berthaire Roi De Thuringe*
 Ingolde De Thuringia m. Clothaire I De France
 Blithidis De France m. Ausbert De Moselle
 Erchenaud De Alsace m. Gertruda
 Ega Major Domus m. Gergerga of Franconia
 Erchembaldus Major Domus m. Leudefindis
 Lendisius Major Domo*
 Duke Eticho Ethic Alsace I m. Berswinde Bersvinda Alsace
 Adalbert D' Alsace (D: 5 Dec) m. Gerlinde of Alsace
 Luitfrid Von Nordgau m. Edith (Von Nordgau)
 Luitfrid Von Nordgau m. Hiltrude (Von Nordgau)
 Count Hugh of Tours (D: Sep) m. Aba of Tours
 Bertha De Tours (D: 11 Aug) m. Gerard De Roussillon
 Eve Roussillon m. Guerri I Morvois
 Bertha De Morvois (D: 15 Jun) m. Herbert I De Vermandois
 Esprota De Senlis (D: 1003) m. John Fryeth (1555-1590)
 Richard Norman (1580-1682) m. Margaret Alford (1595-1645)
 John Norman (1613-1672) m. Arabella Baldwin (1612-1679)
 John Norman (1637-1713) m. Mary Ropes (1644-1713)
 Clement Norman (B: 1680, D: 14 Feb 1709) m. (14 Feb 1709) Abigail Mulberry (1680-1721)
 Clement Norman (B: 19 Dec 1712, D: 19 Dec 1712) m. Sarah Martin (1715-????)
 Clement Norman (1738-1817) m. Jemima Shumate (1742-1813)
 Tabitha Norman (1780-1845) m. Ephraim Jefferies (1775-1845)
 Charlotte Jefferies (1804-1847) m. (10 May 1817) Charles A Queen (1800-1870)

    *no spouse

10 December 2012

Rise Up Lights

When I first started the blog I covered the spelling of names but I saw something on Facebook last month that may get the point across better than any blog post. Many of us probably have a mental list, if not a physical one, of letters that are most commonly transcribed wrong - L and S; a, e and o; M, N and W. Still we may have trouble finding a record because we didn't consider the y or g or f hanging from the line above changing the look of a letter in the name we're searching for. On top of all that we have to factor in accents and pronunciation because, in the case of census records, the person writing the record would write what they heard. Correct spelling was not a high priority.

Okay, so the Facebook posting that triggered this post: Say "rise up lights" a few times quickly. Out loud. Now slow it down. Do you hear it?
If you don't I'll tell you after the jump.

07 December 2012

On the Wings of a Dove

You didn't think I was going to ignore Mourning Dove from Monday's post did you? There are approximately fifty trees that have her name with the added "SHE WAS 1/2 CHEROKEE" and another 200+ for just Mourning Dove Callaway.
The records listed below are a compilation of various trees with a profile for Mourning Dove. No tree, as far as I can tell, has all the records attached. Of course most have no records whatsoever just "sources," a.k.a. Ancestry Member Trees.
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 Mourning Dove Callaway "SHE WAS 1/2 CHEROKEE " (1774-1840)
 Father: Benjamin Callaway (1754-1830)
 Mother: Red Wing "A Cherokee Indian " (1756- )
 Spouse: Solomon Baker (1770-1847) married 1800 in North Carolina
 Children: All have the surname Baker.
   James Walter, B: 27 Jan 1782 in Virginia
   John P, B: 15 Aug 1784 in Virginia
   Joseph Solomon, B: 4 Feb 1801 in North Carolina
   Johanna, B: 1804 in North Carolina
   Andrew Jackson, B: 1807 in North Carolina
   Henry, B: 11 Aug 1809 in North Carolina
   Caleb, B: 23 Mar 1813 in North Carolina
   Andrew Jackson, B: 13 Jun 1813 in Kentucky
   Sabrina, B: 1815 in North Carolina
   Rhoda, B: 1817
   John, B: 1818
   Russell Leroy, B: 23 Aug 1823 in North Carolina
   James, B: 1823 in North Carolina
   Nelson, B: 1823 in North Carolina
   Joseph, B: 1825 in North Carolina

 ✿ 1820 US Federal Census - Name: Caleb W Calloway; Home: Carteret, North Carolina; Household: 1 male age 26-44, 1 female age 26-44, 1 male under 10, 1 slave
 ✿ 1850 US Federal Census - Name: M Calloway; Born: abt 1782, VA; sole member of household
 ✿ 1870 US Federal Census - Name: Mourning Baker; Born: abt 1813, NC; Race: Black; Head of household: Jacob, age 75; Also in household: 8 others born between 1834 and 1870
 ✿ Nash County, North Carolina Vital Records Abstracts - Name: Milbrey Kent; Mother: D. Summer Mourning 1851; Spouse: Mr. Bottoms; Children: William, John, Others
 ✿ US and International Marriage Records - Name: Andrew B Baker, born 1749, Virginia; Spouse: Elizabeth Avant, born 1811; Marriage year: 1770
 ✿ United States Obituary Collection - Name: Beth Baker; Obituary Date 12 Mar 2010; Spouse's name: Thomas P. Baker; Newspaper: Gaston Gazette (North Carolina)
 ✿ One World Tree

03 December 2012

Civil War Zombie Corps

Numerous trees have this same information though most don't bother with records.
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 Born: 1754 in North Carolina
 Death: 1830 in North Carolina

 Thomas Calloway (1712-1759)
 Mary Baker (1715-1800)

 Red Wing "A Cherokee Indian " (1756- )
    Mourning Dove Callaway "SHE WAS 1/2 CHEROKEE " (1774-1840)
 Sarah Bramlett (1760- )
    Fanny Callaway (1798-1836)
 Jane Unknown (1760- )
    Betsy Callaway (1802-1900)

 ✿ 1830 US Census: Benjamin Calloway; Lowndes, Alabama;
     10 free (1 male in his 40s, 1 female in her 30s, 8 children under 14), 5 slaves
 ✿ 1830 US Census: B Callaway; Autauga, Alabama; 5 free, 1 slave
     5 free (a couple in their 20s, 3 children under 5), 1 slave
 ✿ US Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles: Benjamin Lewis Callaway; Private in Texas Cavalry
 ✿ US General Land Office Records: Benjamin Calloway; Alabama; 8 Jul 1829
 ✿ Descendants of Mordecai Cooke (digitized book) 
 ✿ Story attached (originally submitted by another Ancestry.com member)
     The story contains the information from this web page.
 ✿ A photo