31 August 2012

My DNA Results

I considered writing an overview of Ancestry.com's new autosomal DNA test but the Legal Genealogist already has an excellent write up. I highly recommend reading her post if you're interested in the autosomal test.
As of March 2012 the categories for Ancestry.com's results were as follows:
  British Isles
  Central European
  East Asia (includes Siberia, China & Southeast Asia)
  Eastern European
  Middle Eastern
  Native North American
  Native South American
  North African
  Southern European
As you'll see from my results at least one of those categories, Russian/Persian/Turkish, has changed since March. Also, I have yet to hear of anyone having "German" as a result. That may have been a result that was not as clearly defined as they initially thought. As Ancestry gets more input during this BETA phase of testing the categories, and thus everyone's results, may change a bit.  
One thing to keep in mind is that a country's borders are the results of politics not biology and they vary widely over the course of history. If you have any ancestors from "Bohemia" I'm sure you are already keenly aware of this.
My results after the jump.

28 August 2012

DNA Will Solve Everything

Ancestry.com has a contest running on their Facebook page. The prize being their new autosomal DNA test. Every time they start a thread encouraging people to enter the prompt is something along the lines of, "What are you looking to discover with an AncestryDNA test?" The comments are, um,...unrealistic. There are a few people who post who, though careless with grammar, have some common sense.
seeing everyones answer reminds me of Henry Louis Gates Jr. and how he jokes about everyones claim to be Indian/Native American. Someone asked earlier how many people are actually likely to be Native American. 1/3 of caucasians in the USA claim Native ancestry, but less than 5% actaully have it.
My DNA may help sort out various family stories and narrow the search to a smaller area. I really do not want to say my heritage until after the test results. I am really not expecting it will help solve my impossible brick wall. This brick wall has been attempted by many in the family since 1900. Not expecting any miracles. Just blessed I am able to get the kit and give it a try.
Of course the rational is not what this blog focuses on. So after the jump you know what you'll find ;-)

24 August 2012

Multiple Birth World Record Part 2

This is a continuation of Tuesday's post.
US census records attached to profile for SARAH ELLEN WINTERS.
Surnames on all are "Green." Information listed:
Place of residence
Names, ages, birthplaces of household members
In bold is the record attached to Sarah's profile.
Comments after the jump.

 Barber, KS
 Norman 31, AR; Sarah E 21, MO
 Martin L 2, KS; Elmer 1, KS

 Wood, OK
 Sarah 41, MO
 John R 19, KS; Alice A 17, KS; Freddie F 15, KS; William O 13, KS;
 Lattie E 10, KS; Iva M 8, KS; Nellie E 6, KS; Oliver N 5, KS; Giles C 3, KS

 Choctaw Indian Territory
 Walter P 28, AL; Annie E 27, TN
 Jeanett 8, TX; Homer P 6, TX; Grace V 4, TX; Lattie R 2, TX; Willie L 8/12, TX

 Bastrop, TX
 Saul 40, TX; Sarah 29, TX 
 Edgar 9, TX; Claud 8, TX; Bulez 3, TX; Latie 2, TX

 Major, OK
 Sarah E 51, MO
 John R 29, KS; Fred F 25, KS; Lattie E 20, KS; Iva M 18, KS;
 Nellie E 16, KS; Oliver N 15, KS; Giles C 12, KS;

 Bastrop, TX
 Dub 47, TX; Sarah 40, TX
 Edgar 19, TX; Claud 18, TX; Ruby 13, TX; Lattie 12, TX; Godfrey 10, TX;
 Dub Jr 8, TX; Charlie 7, TX; Rivers 4, TX; Otho 1, TX

 Baca, CO
 Sarah E 61, MO
 John R 30, KS; Oliver 24, KS; Giles 22, KS; Nellie 26, KS

 Bastrop, TX
 Dub 61, TX
 Sarah 29, TX; Lattie 22, TX; Dub Jr 17, TX; Charles 15, TX;
 William H 13, TX; Other 11, TX; Roscorn 7, TX; Irene 7/12, TX

21 August 2012

Multiple Birth World Record

 B: 11 Sep 1858 in Barton, Missouri
 M: 23 Nov 1875 to Norman Franklin Green
 D: 19 Aug 1937 in Amtrix, Colorado

 Children with Norman Franklin Green (1848-1898)

 Mark Lee Green, B. 1876
 Mark Lee Green, B. 1876
 Elmer Cison or Olson or Cleon Green, B. 1878
 Martin L. "Mark" Green, B. 1878
 Mark Green, B. 1880
 Mark Green, B. 1880
 John Ross Green, B. 1881
 John Ross Green, B. 1881
 John Ross "johnnie" Green, B. 1881
 Anna Alice Green, B. 1882
 Alice Green, B. 1884
 Fred Franklin Green, B. 1885
 Fred Franklin "Freddie" Green, B. 1885                 
 Nellie Green, B. 1886
 Nellie Green, B. 1886
 William Otto Green, B. 1887
 Lattie Elbert Green, B. 1889
 Lottie Elebert Green, B. 1889
 Fred Green, B. 1890
 Edgar Green, B. 1891
 Iva Mabel Green, B. 1891
 Iva/Eva Mabel Green, B. 1891
 Edgar Green, B. 1891
 Claude Green, B. 1892
 Lottie Green, B. 1892
 Lottie Green, B. 1892
 Nellie Ellen Green, B. 1893
 Nellie Ellen Green, B. 1893
 Nellie Ellen Green, B. 1893
 Ivy Green, B. 1894
 Ivy Green, B. 1894
 Oliver Nickerson/Norman Green, B. 1895
 Oliver Nickerson/Norman Green, B. 1895
 Oliver Nickerson/Norman Green, B. 1895
 Oliver Nickerson/Norman Green, B. 1895
 Nellie Green, B. 1896
 Buley Green, B. 1897
 Giles Clarence Green, B. 1897
 Ruby Green, B. 1897
 Latie Green, B. 1898
 Lattie Green, B. 1898
 Oliver Green, B. 1898
 Godfrey Green, B. 1900
 Dub Green, B. 1902
 Duff Green, B. 1902
 Charlie Green, B. 1903
 Charles Green, B. 1905
 Rino Green, B. 1906
 William H Green, B. 1907
 Ethel Green, B. 1909
 Giles Green, B. 1909

Comments and MORE children after the jump.

17 August 2012

Force Fit

The information is from US census records attached only to Henrich's profile.
Comments after the jump.

 Henrich Elicker      B. 15 Sep 1791
 Katerine Hoffman  B. 6 Feb 1809  
 Margaret Eliker     B. 1835 
 Caatherine Eliker   B. 13 Jul 1837   
 Solomon Eliker      B. 24 Oct 1837
 George Eliker        B. 1843

 1850 York, PA  Eliker Family: Henry 58, Catherine 41, Margaret 15,  Catherine 1, Solomon 14, George 7
 1860 Fairfield, OH  Elliker Family: Henry 67, Sarah 59, Lydia 22, Christiana 17, John 16, Diana 14     
 1870 York, PA  Ellicker Family: Henry 79, Catharine 62, Margaret 36, Catherine 20, George 27

14 August 2012


Comments after the jump.

B. 1614, Evesham, Worcestershire, England
D. 1654, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut


Joseph Sperry (1709-1788)
Joseph Sperry (1709-1788)
William Bonnell (1600-1654) married 1640 in Connecticut
William Bonnell/Bunnell (1600-1654) married 1640 in Connecticut
     Samuel Bunnell Bonnel (1637-1708)
     Nathaniel Bonnel (1640-1696)
     Benjamin Bonnel (1642-1696)
     Mary Bonnel (1650-1724)
     Ebenezer Bunnell Bonnel (1653-1654)
     Elizabeth Bunnell Bonnel (1653-????)
William Bunnell (1610-1669) married 1640 in Connecticut
     Lydia Bonnell (1629-1666)
     Benjamin Bunnell (1631-1690)
     Nathaniel Bunnell (1633-1711)
     Nathaniel Bunnell (1633-1711)
     Samuel Bunnell (1637-1708)
     Nathaniel Bunnell (1640-1711)
     Benjamin Bunnell (1642-1697)
     Lydia Bunnell (1644-1708)
     Lydia (1644-1708)
     Lydia (1644-1708) 
     Mary Bunnell (1650-1724)
     Nathaniel Bunnell (1650-1696)
     Ebenezer Bunnell (1653-1654)
     Elizabeth Bunnell (1653-1654)
     Hezekiah Bunnell (1658-1659)
     Judith Bunnell (1672-1746)
     Nathaniel Bunnell (1692-????)
     Mary Bonnell (1840-????)

10 August 2012

Write It Out

First a note about BUWT...

If you've ever checked out blog posts here by label (on the right if you scroll down) you'll notice that some of the labels have changed. I'm thinking about posting tips only once or twice a month and crazy trees the remainder of the time. I'll still be posting twice a week but the "Tuesdays" label has been changed to "head/desk" and "Fridays" is now "Tips". 
I have a lot of trees bookmarked for future posts but can always use more. If you have a suggestion please send me a link at buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

A short tip this week...

Find a place on your family tree where you're stuck. Whether you use a word processing program or pen and paper write a narrative for that person or that family. Look again at every document. Include all the details in your narrative. Had you noticed before that 2 out of the 8 records you have spell the surname with an added letter. Have you searched with that spelling? Maybe it hits you that unless your great-great-grandmother gave birth at the age of 12 the two oldest children couldn't possibly be hers. Time to look for your great-great-grandfather's first marriage and disconnect those kids from her. 
Every time I've done this I've thought of new searches to do before I've even finished writing. Hope it works for you too!

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07 August 2012

So I Have a Few Duplicates

The numbers below are the number of profiles
in a single tree that have the information that follows.
Not all profiles have parents or a marriage.
Comments after the jump.


  46 Daughter of Seth Ben Adam & Azura Sister
  22 Daughter of Seth Adam & Azura Adam
  11 Daughter of Seth Ben Adam & Azura Bint Adam
    3 Daughter of Seth Ben Adam & Akili Azura Ben Adam
    2 Daughter of Seth Ben Adam & Azura daughter of Adam and Eve

  67 Born in ├ům, Vasternorrland, Sweden
  29 Born in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
    3 Born 1835 in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
    4 Born 7 Dec 1809 in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
    1 Born in Genesis, Cumberland, Tennessee

  34 Married to Enosh Enos and Enos Ben Seth
  22 Married to Enos Ben Seth in Adam, Harper, Oklahoma
    3 Married to Enosh Enos
    2 Married to Enoch ben Cain, Enosh Enos and Enos Ben Seth
    1 Married to Enoch Ben Cain and Enos Ben Seth
    1 Married to Enosh Enos twice

  34 Died 28 Feb 1835 in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
  33 Died in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
  22 Died in Earth City, St Louis, Missouri
    7 Died 1809 in Eden, Lamoille, Vermont
    7 Died 28 Feb 1835 in Earth City, St Louis, Missouri
    1 Died in Enoch, Noble, Ohio

03 August 2012

Find A Grave

UPDATE 30 Sep 2013: Find A Grave has been sold to Ancestry.com. You can find details here.

Find A Grave is a website dedicated to preserving cemeteries. It can also be a treasure trove of genealogical information. While this site is great for genealogists and you can link family and possibly connect with family it is not a site for building trees. The main purpose of the site is to preserve headstones for future generations and memorialize those who have passed. Jim Tipton, the site's creator, started Find A Grave out of his hobby of visiting the graves of famous people. Over the last 12 years the site has evolved to what it is today. For that Jim, we thank you!
To give you an idea of its size, as of July 2, 2012 there were over 77.5 million US memorials. That's 4.5 million more than there were on April 1, 2012. Here's a small, random sampling of their memorial numbers outside of the US:

 Canada       995,476                             
 France        756,778                             
 England      604,454                                
 Australia     427,956                            
 Germany     200,431
 India            63,591
 Ireland         53,522
 Philippines    51,502
 Finland         44,140
 Greece          25,675
 Poland           17,954
 Russian Fed.  17,891
 Tunisia          16,045
 Sweden         15,192
 Israel            14,559
 Wales            12,658
 Libya               8,005
 Czech Rep.       7,087
 Kenya              7,963
 Hungary          6,232
 Malaysia          5,344
 Japan              3,791
 Mexico             3,132
 Denmark         2,997
 Lithuania         2,704
 Switzerland      2,005
 Ghana             1,790
 Romania          1,577
 Barbados         1,141
 Zimbabwe          922

While there are memorials for everyone from George Washington to Lucille Ball to my great-grandfather it is a site that will forever be in progress. Volunteers are constantly adding new memorials and anyone can volunteer. Some volunteers "mow the rows" at their local cemetery, taking photos row by row. Others work at entering memorials from transcriptions of cemeteries found at a library or done by their local genealogical or historical society. Others may only respond to photo requests or might enter memorials based on obituaries in newspapers. Because of the variety of ways people volunteer memorials have different levels of information. Someone who mows the rows or enters from a transcription may only enter information found on the headstone while those that enter memorials from obituaries probably have full birth/death dates and places and may even include transcriptions of those obituaries.
Ancestry.com recently added an index of the Find A Grave website to its collections. I don't know how often the index will be updated but considering how often memorials are added to Find A Grave (4.5 million in 3 months!!!) I hope some tips for using the site will be useful to you. 

AFTER THE JUMP: Using Find A Grave for genealogy
                             Becoming a Find A Grave volunteer