26 January 2015

Waste of Space

Today we have photos uploaded to a single profile. Along with the images below there are scans of a baptismal record and a marriage record. Each of those is uploaded twice.

Title: seal of NJ
Uploaded: 8 times

Title: seal of NY
Uploaded: 8 times

Title: New_Amsterdam_1684_Visscher
Uploaded: 9 times

That's 29 uploads for 5 photos to one profile. The last image has been attached 21 times to 7 other trees. That's right, it has been attached multiple times to other trees. Not that you can tell from the image but it's a drawing of New Amsterdam from 1648.

Thanks to Kristin for the link to this profile ;-)

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22 January 2015

Cousins Are Not Ancestors

UPDATED after another error was found.

There was a statement made on this week's episode of Genealogy Roadshow that made me do a double take. But first, a statement that probably had historians yelling at their television sets.
The opening of each episode contains some history of the city they are filming in. The Saint Louis episode included this "fact":
 Narrator: "Named for the French Monarch, Louis the Fourteenth..."
According to the city's official site, Saint Louis was named for Louis IX.
The quote that made me do a double take was in the Laura Ingalls Wilder segment [starts at 44:25]. The entire segment, most of this episode in fact, was filled with "may be" and "might be." There was no definitive answer on whether the family was related to Laura Ingalls Wilder, just a huge leap of faith based on proximity. That was bad enough but then there was this:
 Kenyatta Barry: "You've been reading the books written by your pioneering ancestor."
Aunts, uncles, and cousins, no matter how distant, are not ancestors. If these families are connected, and that's still a pretty big if, Laura Ingalls Wilder would be a distant cousin. They are definitely not the author's descendants which means she is definitely not their ancestor.

Starting at 38:35 in the episode linked above you see James Whaley (b. 1921-). He is the grandfather of the young man Josh Taylor has at his table. Dass Whaley (1883-1967) is the young man's great-grandfather.

Josh Taylor: "He married a woman named Chanch Leopold and we were able to trace the Leopold family back..."

While it is never stated that Chanch Leopold is the mother of James Whaley the on-screen chart shows they are linked and reads, "Great Grandmother: 1931 - ??."
Dass made quite the catch finding a woman willing to marry a man almost 50 years her senior. And giving birth to James 10 years before she herself was born? That miracle should've been the highlight of the show.

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19 January 2015

Empire State

There are over 1000 Ancestry member trees with a profile for the person below. I stopped looking once I got to 1000. Too depressing. The profiles have varying amounts of detail and none of them has a record attached. I know, you're shocked, especially since there are so many records available for the time period. </sarcasm>
One tree owner posted their exciting find (Dau Asinia's spouse) on Ancestry's Facebook page. Of course Ancestry liked it. Gotta keep encouraging those clickophiles. Sigh.

 Dau V Asinia
 Birth: 0180 in Empire, Plaquemines, Louisiana, United States
 Death: 230 in Empire, Dodge, Georgia, United States

 Quintus Anicius Paulinus
 Birth: abt 180 in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy
 Death: in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy

 Quintus Anicius Paulinus
 Birth: 180 in France
 Death: 230 in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy

 Marriages (none have dates)
 To Quintus Anicius Paulinus in Empire,
 To Quintus Anicius Paulinus in Empire, Dodge,
 To Quintus Anicius Paulinus in Empire, Dodge, Georgia, United States
 To Quintus Anicius Paulinus in Empire, Plaquemines, Louisiana, United States
 To Quintus Anicius Paulinus in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy

 Ascyllius VonEastern Francs
 Birth: 0323 in , , Sachsen, Germany
 Death: 0379 in , , Sachsen, Germany

 Mother VonEastern Franks
 Birth: 277 in Sachen, , , Germany
 Death: in Old, , Sachsen, Germany

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05 January 2015

150th Generation

It's the beginning of the year, time for an Adam & Eve post.

Title: Adam & Eve

Uploaded: Once and attached to 14 different profiles

One profile for
Adam First Man

Six profiles for
Adam Father of all mankind The First Patriarch 150TH GENERATION
Birth 4000 BC in Garden of Eden
Death 3070 BC in East of Eden

Seven profiles for
Eve Mother of all mankind The First Matriarch 150TH GENERATION
Birth 4025 BC in Garden of Eden
Death 3034 BC in Garden of Eden

Attached to: 33 other trees

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02 January 2015

Top Ten

Barking is now 3 years old! Happy Blogiversary to me ;-)
Thanks to all of you who read my blog and keep me going!
If you have just started reading Barking or if you've missed some posts this year be sure to check out the top ten posts of 2014. Below that are the top five posts from the past three years.

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