12 October 2012

Do You See What I See?

Saving the crazy for after the jump today.
This time I'm going to ask you...
What's the first thing you notice?
Which error makes your jaw drop?
Which error or errors defy all logic and common sense?
So much nonsense on this profile that there will be two parts to cover it all.
Monday's post will cover the numerous records attached.

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  B: 8 Jun 1852, New Orleans, LA
  D: 4 Jan 1932, Fulton, GA
  Barthelemy Ragas (1840-1909) and Eleanor Barthelemy (no info)
  1870 to Robert Johnson in Reims
  1877 to William Bridell in "Marseilles", "Bouches-du-Rhône", "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur", "France"*
  1885 to Hugh Edgar Eubanks in Georgia
  1886 to William Eubanks
  1886 to Honré Meus Louis Barthélemy in "Marseilles", "Bouches-du-Rhône", "Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur",

  *Seriously, that's exactly how the place of marriage is entered in this tree. Quotation marks and all.
  Names in bold below are spouses. They are, of course, followed by children.
  The first five have marriage events and are listed in the chronological order of those marriages.

  Robert Johnson, B: 1867 
  Alice Johnson, B: 1892, LA 
  Lola Johnson, B: 1894, LA
  Robert Johnson, B: 1897, LA
  Herbert Johnson, B: 1901, LA

  William Bridell, B: 1843
  Ophilia Bertele, B: ????, LA
  Laura Bertele, B: 1870, LA 
  John Marcel Berthelemy, B: 1874, LA
  Rosa Bertele, B: 1878, LA
  Herbert Barthelemy, B: 1898, LA 
  Bertha Barthelemy, B: 1899, LA
  Lenore Barthelemy, B: 1900, LA
  Armand Barthelemy, B: 1902, LA
Omers Barthelemy, B: 1903, LA 
Eugenie Barthelemy, B: 1907, LA
  Aristide Barthelemy, B: 1909, LA

  Hugh Edgar Eubanks, B: 1867

  William Roy Eubanks, B: 1895, TN
  Maryhugh Eubanks, B: 1897, GA
  Clara Belle Eubanks, B: 1900, GA
  Carrabelle Mcewen, B: 1900, GA
  Fred J Eubanks, B: 1902, GA
Neil Eubank, B: 1905, GA
  Clifford Eubanks, B: 1908, GA

  Honré Meus Louis Barthélemy, B: ???? 
  no children

  William Eubanks, B: 1860

Panthenia Eubanks, B: 1881, LA
  William D Eubanks, B: 1888, LA
  Katie Elizabeth Eubanks, B: 1890, LA
  Mary A Eubanks, B: 1892, LA

 Hayden Bridwell, B: 1826
 Mary Bridwell, B: 1855, IN
 John B Bridwell, B: 1858, IN
 Emery H Bridwell, B: 1860, IN

 Wesley Bridwell, B: 1820, LA
 William Bridwell, B: 1859, LA
 Georgia Bridwell, B: 1863, LA
 Victoria Bridwell, B: 1864, LA
 Lucilisas Bridwell, B: 1865, LA
 Fulton Bridwell, B: 1868, LA
 Lulah Bridwell, B: 1870, LA
 Ednie Bridwell, B: 1872, LA
 Willie Bridwell, B: 1873, LA

 Olin Johnson, B: 1864
 Olyph Johnson, B: 1895, LA
 Ellena Johnson, B: 1897, LA
 Marie O Johnson, B: 1899, LA
 Geraud Johnson, B: 1902, LA
 Jeronie Johnson, B: 1904, LA
 Louisa Johnson, B: 1907, LA
 Theodore Johnson, B: 1910, LA

 William Bridwell, B: 1798
 no children

 Children with no father
 Lucien Berthelmi, B: 1884, LA
 Marius Berthelmi, B: 1885, LA
 Marie Berthelmi, B: 1886, LA

 Sidonia Berthelmi, B: 1890, LA
 Louis A Simon, B: 1892, LA

Please comment with what you see as the most egregious errors!

Hat tip to Shirley for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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  1. I am so impressed with how this woman could be pregnant with kids from different men at the same time! Something to remember for the superhero powers wishlist. HaHa!

    1. Blogger needs to add a 'like' button in the comments ;-)
      Thanks for reading Sierra!

    2. I'm impressed that she had 49 children! She must have started early - but then it is in her genes as her father was 12 when he had her !!