14 December 2012

Oh My Gods!

The first name on each row is the child of the couple above them.
For the first two entries the info in parentheses is part of the name. After that anything in parentheses is birth and/or death info.
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 Poseidon (Greek God) m. Libya (Mythology)
 King Belus (Mythology) Egypt m. Achiroe
 Danaus Argos m. Pieria
 Queen Hypermnestra of Argos m. King Lynceus of Argos
 King Abas of Argos m. Queen Aglaia of Argos
 King Proetus of Tiryns m. Princess Danae of Argos
 King Perseus of Mycene (B: Zeus was real father) m. Queen Andromeda of Mycene
 Prince Alcaeus of Mycene m. Hipponome of Thebes
 Prince Amphiktryon of Mycene m. Princess Alkmene of Argos
 Prince Heracles of Thebes and Argos (B: Son of Zeus) m. Princess Astyoche of Ephyra
 Prince Antiochus of Thebes and Argos*
 Phylas of Corinth m. Leipephilene of Thebes
 King Hippotes of Corinth*
 King Aletes of Corinth*
 King Ixion of Corinth*
 King Agelas of Corinth*
 King Prymnis of Corinth*
 King Bacchis of Corinth*
 King Agelas II of Corinth*
 King Eudemus of Corinth*
 King Aristomedes of Corinth*
 King Arrabaios of Lynkos and Sirras*
 Prince Irrhus of Lyngos*
 Queen Eurydice m. King Amyntas III of Macedonia
 King Philip II of Macedonia m. Olympias of the Molossians
 King Alexander the Great m. Roxana Baktria
 Princess Aesopia Macedonia m. Prince Achaeus I of Syria
 Andromachus of Syria*
 Laodice of Syria m. Seleucus Syria
 Antiochus Megas Syria*
 Cleopatra I of Syria (D: Oct) m King Ptolemy V Epiphanes of Egypt
 Ptolemy VIII Euergetis II King of Egypt m. Cleopatra III Euergetis Queen of Egypt
 Pharoah Ptolemy IX Soter of Egypt*
 Pharoah Ptolemy XII Auletes of Egypt m. Eupatra
 Arisone De Egypt m. King Hyrcanus II of Judea
 Alexandria Regent m. Ptolemy Bar Menneus
 Mariamne I of Judea m. Herod the Great
 Aristobulus Arria m. Berenice of Judea
 Mariamne Arria m. Titus Flavius Sabinus
 Mariamne Caecina Arria m. Gaius Calpernius Piso
 Arrius Antoninus Piso m. Boionia Procilla Servilia
 Pompeia Plotina Piso m. Marcus Ulpius Trajan
 Julianus Calpernius Piso m. Domitia Lucila Tranjanus
 Marcus Aurelius (B: 26 Apr, D: 17 Mar) m. Annia Galeria Faustina
 Crispus Commodus (B: 31 Aug, D: 31 Dec) m. Bruttia Crispina
 Claudia Crispina m. Flavius Eutropius
 Eutropia Crispina Crispus m. Marcus Aurelias Maximian
 Flavia Maximiana Fausta m. Emperor Constantine the Great
 Flavius Julius Constantius II Roman Emperor (B: 7 Aug, D: 3 Nov) m. Fausta Rome
 Constantia Verch Constantine m. Gratianus de Panonia
 Valentinian I Rome m. Justina
 Galla Justina Valentinia m. Theodosius
 Galla Placidia (D: 27 Nov) m. Weldelphus of Thuringia
 Basina de Thuringia m. Wedelphus Von Saxe
 Wedelphe de Saxe m. Clodoweg Le Franc
 Amalaberge Von Saxe m. Childebert I Von Koln
 Sigebert I De Cologne*
 Basin De Thuringe m. Menia Thuringe
 Berthaire Roi De Thuringe*
 Ingolde De Thuringia m. Clothaire I De France
 Blithidis De France m. Ausbert De Moselle
 Erchenaud De Alsace m. Gertruda
 Ega Major Domus m. Gergerga of Franconia
 Erchembaldus Major Domus m. Leudefindis
 Lendisius Major Domo*
 Duke Eticho Ethic Alsace I m. Berswinde Bersvinda Alsace
 Adalbert D' Alsace (D: 5 Dec) m. Gerlinde of Alsace
 Luitfrid Von Nordgau m. Edith (Von Nordgau)
 Luitfrid Von Nordgau m. Hiltrude (Von Nordgau)
 Count Hugh of Tours (D: Sep) m. Aba of Tours
 Bertha De Tours (D: 11 Aug) m. Gerard De Roussillon
 Eve Roussillon m. Guerri I Morvois
 Bertha De Morvois (D: 15 Jun) m. Herbert I De Vermandois
 Esprota De Senlis (D: 1003) m. John Fryeth (1555-1590)
 Richard Norman (1580-1682) m. Margaret Alford (1595-1645)
 John Norman (1613-1672) m. Arabella Baldwin (1612-1679)
 John Norman (1637-1713) m. Mary Ropes (1644-1713)
 Clement Norman (B: 1680, D: 14 Feb 1709) m. (14 Feb 1709) Abigail Mulberry (1680-1721)
 Clement Norman (B: 19 Dec 1712, D: 19 Dec 1712) m. Sarah Martin (1715-????)
 Clement Norman (1738-1817) m. Jemima Shumate (1742-1813)
 Tabitha Norman (1780-1845) m. Ephraim Jefferies (1775-1845)
 Charlotte Jefferies (1804-1847) m. (10 May 1817) Charles A Queen (1800-1870)

    *no spouse

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This tree continues down to the modern age and, of course, connects to the living, home person on this tree. The reason I didn't continue is that the next generation actually has a source attached. On all the info above there are no sources except other trees. I know, you're shocked.
There are stories attached to most of the Greek mythological characters and "mythology" is used many times in those stories. It didn't stop this person, and many others, from connecting their trees to mythological beings. Heck, why not say you're the son of Poseidon? Or maybe great-great-grandson would be more "realistic." Then you could finish your tree in 5 minutes and be done with it.
Once we get to profiles with actual birth and death years a number of profiles could each be a separate post.
  • Esprota De Senlis died over 500 years before her spouse was born.
  • Clement Norman (1680-1709) died on the day he was married. His son was born almost four years later. 
  • Clement Norman (1712-1712) died the day he was born but managed to marry and have a son, Clement Norman (1738-1817).
This is also one of those trees that uploads the same photo (most are from Wikipedia) to multiple profiles rather than upload the photo once and attach multiple profiles to it. Think of it next time there's a system slow down. Ugh.

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  1. I so much enjoy your Blog - always makes me smile! I just wonder where on earth do these people come up with these lineages? As if the shaky shaking-leaf connections weren't bad enough - now AncestryDNA is linking me up to people who have an ancestor of the same name as one of my ancestors - but born and died in different locations and lived a generation apart in time and cannot be the same person. Showing me a nice comparison chart and how I am related to these people to whom I am not related at all. That's really going to add some interesting quirks to the trees.

    1. Thanks Kay! I've wondered how clickophiles and royal wannabes were going to screw up the DNA matches. I've already heard of one person who attached their own DNA results to an ancestor a few generations back. Yeah, that's not gonna mess up anything :-P

  2. Wow. Another great post. I hadn't seen this tree but I have gotten some "link suggestions" for trees that go to Adam & Eve!

    1. Thanks Melanie! There's someone on Ancestry's Facebook page making the Adam & Eve claim now :-/ I'm guessing after a few comments from serious researchers she'll be deleting the thread at any moment.

  3. Love reading your blog! With trees out there like this one, you'll never have time to find my minor mistakes! I never knew about attaching one photo to many people the way you recently described. Thanks for the tips in an entertaining way!

    1. Thanks for reading barb! When I first started there may have been a couple posts that may have only been minor mistakes but with hundreds of trees like this one there's no need to focus of the small stuff ;-)

  4. I have two sets of trees on ancestry. One of them is public and says "verified" everything in it is verified. I have a private one where I go click crazy on the leaves. That is my scratch pad for further research. People should have to sign an agreement when they join that they won't share anything public that they haven't verified.