17 April 2012

You've Got It All Wrong

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 JAMES BRADY (1831-1880)

 Marriage #1: In 1849 to Margaret Curry
 Marriage #2: In 1853 to Ann Torney
 Marriage #3: In 1859 to Mary Ann Feeney
 Marriage #4: In 1867 to Mary Jane Hagerty


 1818  Honora (Ireland)
 1850  Anna (Pennsylvania)
 1852  Mary (PA), Robert (Scotland)
 1853  Annie (PA)
 1855  John (England)
 1856  Michael (June), Margaret (November), Catherine (Wisconsin)
 1858  Thomas (England), John (PA)
 1859  Owen
 1860  John, James (Scotland)
 1861  Thomas (PA)
 1862  Mary
 1866  James (PA), Bridget
 1868  Teresa (WI)
 1870  Francis (WI)
 1871  Catherine (PA)
 1872  Francis (PA), James (Ireland)
 1873  Margaret (WI)
 1875  Rosanna (WI)
 1876  David Bridge (October in New York), Anne (December)
 1877  Hugh (PA)
 1878  William (PA)
 1879  John (WI)
 1880  Tommie Bridge (NY)
 1882  Louisa (WI)
 1883  Edward (WI)
 No date given: Agnes, JJ, Madame, Terrence

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Ever feel completely overwhelmed by stupidity?
It's difficult to know where to start. We've got polygamy that crosses an ocean multiple times. A man becoming a father 13 years before his own birth and continuing to sire children 3 years after his death. And what about the children, from the same wife, who were born less than 9 months apart? How do all these discrepancies escape someone's notice?
To top it off only one child in that massive list of names has a spouse and descendants. Fortunately, that makes it easy to determine which is the correct line to follow. Unfortunately the key person is Honora, first child listed for marriage #3. Notice anything problematic? That's right, Honora was born 13 years before her "father." That means everyone listed above, except Honora, should be deleted from this tree. That's it. No need to go over the numerous problems since everyone should be deleted.

Hat tip to Karen for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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  1. Hello,

    Could you explain further which marriages/children should be deleted. I wasn't sure what you meant by "everyone listed above, except Honora..."

    Many thanks!

    1. Exactly what I said, everyone except Honora should be deleted if her line is the one being followed. I assumed that Honora is the person on this tree that is being followed because she is the only one of these "children" that has a spouse and children listed (I didn't transcribe that part). James Brady could not be her father because he was born AFTER her, NONE of his wives could be her mother and none of the children, if they are the children of James Brady, could be her siblings. According to this tree Honora was born in 1818 so her father could not be born in 1831. By the first time her "father" gets married, Honora is 31 years old. And don't even get me started on the fact that this person has James fathering children in 3 different states and 4 different countries >:o