21 September 2015


It may take some of you longer than others but I'm sure all of you can figure out the "code" being used here. I would just like to know WHY? When you have people not related to you on your tree do you really need to add a suffix describing how not related to you they are?

 Gov Patrick Henry Hof1stC1xrofWof11thGGNofWof3rdC19xr

 John Henr FinLof1stC1xrofWof11thGGNofWof3rdC19xr
 Sarah Winston MinLof1stC1xrofWof11thGGNofWof3rdC19xr

 Sarah Shelton WofHof1stC1xrofWof11thGGNofWof3rdC19xr

 Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge 1stC1xrofWof11thGGNofWof3rdC19xr

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14 September 2015

Bottomless Pit 2

 Birth 09 Aug 1675 in Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
 Death  in Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

 John Hanson (1549-1622)
 Janet Raynor (1551- )

 Walter Stanhope (1572-1661)
 ✿ Mary Stanhope (1602-1616)
 ✿ Jane Stanhope (1612-1693)
 ✿ Walter Stanhope (1612-1646)
 ✿ Edward Stanhope (1615-1675)
 ✿ Catherine Stanhope (1618-1618)
 ✿ Anne Stanhope (1623- )

If you're thinking Mary's birth year is a typo, you're an optimist. A birth year of 1575 would be better than having her parents and most of her children dying before her own birth. It would not, however, explain the births and deaths of Mary's parents, husband and children all occurring in England. Changing her birth year would also not improve the rest of the profile which is after the jump.
Here are just a few highlights (numbers in parenthesis are the number of events that are exact duplicates):

 ✿ Marriage
810 AD
Uppsala, Sweden
 ✿ Marriage
1503 7 Oct
Bernbowgale Edinburgh St. James St. Giles Toftis Manys Bernbowgale Manys Toftis Dummanyne Canongate Trinitarian Peblis Crukstoun, Midlothia, Scotland
 ✿ Christening
1847 31 Jan
Kerry, Ireland
1864 15 Oct
 ✿ Residence (85)
Guysborough, Nova Scotia, Canada
 ✿ Arrival (12)
1913 6 Jun
Detroit, Michigan
 ✿ Residence (72)
Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
 ✿ SSN issued

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09 September 2015

It Paynes Me

My apologies, this should have been Rule #1.

RULE #12  Pay attention to what you're doing!

 Harriet S. Payne

 Peter I Coughnet (1793-1856)
 Catherine Wohlgemuth (1794-1881)

 Lafayette Wilmarth (1811-1854)
 ✿ Harriet Ceilinda "Hattie" Wilmarth (b. 1841)
 ✿ William P Tiffany (b. 1844)
 ✿ Katherine (Kate) Tiffany (b. 1844)
 ✿ Priscilla Tiffany (b. 1845)
 ✿ Luther Scott Tiffany (b. 1867)

 Birth  April 30, 1812 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
 Marriage  22 Feb 1842 to Lafayette Wilmarth
 Marriage  30 Jun 1846 to Lafayette Wilmarth
 Death  March 29, 1859 in Jackson Twp, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
 Residence  1880 in Davenport, Scott, Iowa, United States
 Burial  in Davenport, Scott, Iowa

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