31 January 2012

My Head Hurts: Part 2

Continued from last week. This week: The children
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 1870, 1880, 1900 censuses show the couple living in Tennessee

 NAME                                       BIRTH
 MerteliaMertie Williams    13 Apr 1870
 Martelia Williams             abt 1870 in Tennessee
 Martha Williams              25 Sep 1872 in Missouri
 Martha Williams              30 Sep 1872 in Tennessee
 Sidney Williams              17 Nov 1874 in Tennessee
 Sydney Williams             17 Nov 1874 in Missouri
 Sydna Williams               abt 1875
 Mary Williams                 11 Jul 1877 in Missouri
 Elizabeth Williams           1880
 Nellie Williams                1 Apr 1881 in Missouri
 Emaline Williams             1883
 Tennessee Williams         1 Jun 1886 in Tennessee
 Hugh Williams                10 Dec 1889 in Missouri
 Joseph Williams              22 Dec 1891 in Missouri


 Bennie Williams              Apr 1880 in Texas
 Ludia Crim                     abt 1883 in Texas
 O E Brewer                    1890 in Tennessee

27 January 2012

Friday Tips

UPDATE: My eBay store is now closed so I've removed those links.

Happy Friday everyone!
Every Friday I'll be posting tips for beginners. I'm starting with one that's self-serving ;-) I just started an eBay store. A lot of people don't realize that 1) there are genealogical finds on eBay and 2) they can be the most valuable.
Searching for "family Bible" brings up 1,448 results. Not all of them are antiques nor do all of them have family information but those that do would be invaluable to the descendants. Just look at the photos for this Bible.
Searching for "county history book" brings up 1,131 results. You can narrow that down by adding the name of a county. Some may be searchable copies of an out-of-print book on cd.
A couple of years ago I found a copy of Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler by Harvey Hostetler for my sister-in-law. While I still need to verify all the lineage it has a few chapters of family history at the beginning. It was a great find!
Do a search for a surname in your tree and you could find photos, letters, a business card, who knows what else.
If your ancestor owned a store try searching the store name. You may find a matchbook or sales sample or another promotional item.
Now some of you might be thinking, "I don't have time to check eBay every week." No one does ;-) You can save your search(es) and you'll get an email when something matching your search is added. If you're researching a name like Hochstetler you can probably just search the surname or do multiple searches with variations in spelling. If you're researching a name like Baker however... well, you'll need experiment with searches a little bit.

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24 January 2012

My Head Hurts: Part 1

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start!
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 1847 Oct 20   Birth in Hawkins, TN
 1869 May 3    Marriage to Sampson Williams  (no source)

 US Censuses
 1870              Henderson, TN  Brewer: Wm, Lucy, Nancy, Jas, Martha, Mary, John, Tinsley, Luke
 1880 Jun 1     Hancock, TN  Williams: Sampson, Nancy & Children: Martelia, Martha, Sydna, Mary
 1900 Jun 12   Hancock, TN  Williams: Sampson, Arlena & Children: Hugh, Joseph
 1900 Jun 20   Wise, TX  Williams: Orlena & Children: Bennie, Ludia
 1910 Apr 18   Hancock, TN  Arlena Williams, living alone
 1910 Apr 30   Montague, TX  Arlena Williams, living alone
 1910 May 4    McMinn, TN  Nancy Brewer, living with other Brewers
 1920              Wilbarger, TX  Sid and Ludia Crim, Ludia's mother Orlena Williams

 1926 Jan 23    Death in Mansfield, Wright, MO   (no source)

17 January 2012

This Time It's Personal

Josiah Gillespie was the brother of my ggg-grandfather.
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1836 Born in Pennsylvania
1850 Lived in Lebanon, Warren, Pennsylvania (US Census)
1867 Marriage to Emma Scott (1851 - 1900)
1868 Lived in Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio (US National Homes for Disabled Soldiers)
1870 Lived in Jefferson, Montgomery, Ohio (US Census)
1880 Lived in Summit, Erie, Pennsylvania (US Census)
1880 Lived in National Military Home, Montgomery, Ohio (US Census)
1900 Lived in North East Township, Erie, Pennsylvania (US Census)
1909 Died in Poast Town, Butler, Ohio (Ohio Deaths)
1910 Lived in North East Township, Erie Pennsylvania WITH Emma (US Census)

Charles Gillespie and Nancy Gillaspie
Margaret, Gideon, Sarah, William, Charles, Arthur, James and Thomas

10 January 2012

The Living Dead

This one is fairly simple.
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 1791 Born in Pitt, North Carolina
 1813 Marriage to Zilpha Kirkland
 1850 Lived in Telfair, Georgia (US Census)
 1852 Died in Coffee, Georgia
 1860 Lived in Smith, Mississippi (US Census)
 1880 Lived in Lavaca, Texas (US Census)

03 January 2012


See how many errors you can find before reading my comments after the jump. Please comment if you find more ;-)

 B: 28 Dec 1845 in Georgia 
 M: 1866 to James Preston Lott
 1900 Coffee, Georgia
    Source: 1900 US Census
 1910 Coffee, Georgia
    Source: 1910 US Census
 D: 21 Jan 1919 in Cem, Samangan, Afghanistan
    Source: 1900 US Census

 James Preston Lott (1845 - 1920)
 Jesse Lott (1867 - 1921)
 Wayne Lott (1868 - 1938)
 Jesse Lott (1869 - 1921)
 Waine Lott (1870 - ????)
 John Lott (1876 - 1953)
 Martha Ann Lott (1879 - 1955)
 Johnnie Lott (1880 - ????)
 Johney Lott (1880 - ????)

01 January 2012

In the beginning...

If you’ve frequented any of the genealogy centered pages on Facebook you’ve probably seen someone claim they’ve traced their family back to the year 600 or even back to Adam and Eve. Many times they admit to being a beginner or that they got those results during the 14-day free trial at Ancestry.com. Of course the problem lies with using other people’s trees as “sources”. That got me thinking so here I am attempting to show errors on trees, errors that have been copied multiple times by unwitting newbies. If you cannot find MULTIPLE errors in each of these genealogy is not for you ;-)
I thought it would be fitting to start with Adam and Eve. Now, for the record, I have no problem with someone creating a Biblical tree. It could be a good vacation Bible school project. Creating a tree for certain literary works would be a good school lesson in logic and reading comprehension. It can also just be geeky fun.
The problem I have is when the person creating the tree has no common sense whatsoever. After the jump are some examples of Adam and Eve on various trees, each progressively worse than the last.