15 September 2014

The Rules

Rule #2: Children cannot be born years after their parents have died.
There is no genetic trait that will allow for an exception. Your 5th great-grandfather wasn't born after his parents died and his children were not born after he died.
This is a rule that will have exceptions in modern times but when it comes to your ancestors...

William Moore
Birth 1767
Death 1781

John Moore (1675-1753)
Tabitha Pace (1714-1753)

Ann Nancy Lanier (1749-1833)
 Edward Moore (1769- )
 William Moore II (1775-1829)
 Aaron Moore (1781-1857)
 Moses Moore (1785- )
 Thomas Moore (1805- )

...families like this one never existed.

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08 September 2014

The Rules

I don't think any profile will ever top the Bottomless Pit so I'm going to simplify things for a while.

Rule #1: Children cannot be born before their parents. Ever.
There is no "may not" or "should not" or any other choice of words that could leave any room for doubt. A child being born before their parents is a physical impossibility. There are NO exceptions to this rule...until someone builds a working TARDIS, then all bets are off.

 James Ferguson
 Birth 1724 in Robeson, North Carolina, USA
 Death 1838 in Robeson, North Carolina, USA

 Alexander Ferguson
 Birth 1822 in Scotland
 Death 1896 in Scotland

 Elizabeth Stewart
 Birth 1831 in Scotland
 Death 1881 in Scotland

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02 September 2014


Am I the only person who didn't know polygamy only applies to one husband and multiple wives? Polyandry involves one wife having multiple husbands. For some reason I don't think that is what this is. This...

 Maude Ellen Bushnell
 Birth 23 Apr 1874
 Marriage Sep 1889 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage Sep 1889 to John Bedford Whitsett
 Marriage 18 Oct 1889 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage 18 Oct 1889 to Jesse S Osborn
 Marriage 2 Jan 1893 to Edward Albert Stratton
 Marriage 10 Sep 1904 to John Bedford Whitsett
 Marriage 10 Aug 1924 to Charles Fredrick Bottger
 Death 24 May 1951

...is just someone shutting off their brain while working on their tree.

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27 August 2014

Pet Peeves: WDYTYA? Edition

These Who Do You Think You Are? pet peeves are not about the show itself but rather the "Me! Me! Me!" fans. I know, you're shocked.

I love you. Now change.

The show is amazing but they should change it and feature regular people. They should listen to ME since my idea is so original.

I'd volunteer.

After the show is completely revamped they will need people to feature so why not ME? The producers will have to beg people to participate just to fill a single season so they will appreciate ME offering to be the recipient of free research, free travel, and national exposure. Look at ME being completely selfless.

Everyone would want to watch ME.

Once this show happens there is no question that they would pick ME. An episode about ME would be just as interesting as Gwenyth Paltrow's or Tim McGraw's and would definitely draw the same number of viewers.

Behind my brick wall is an amazing story.

No one knows what is behind that brick wall but it would definitely make for the most amazing television show you have ever seen. The research blocks couldn't possibly be because the family has been peasant farmers for 10 generations. Doesn't matter, a show about ME would be completely fascinating.

This is what goes through my head when I read comments from WDYTYA? fans. I really should stop reading them.

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13 August 2014

Social Disgrace III

The more I see social media's so-called "experts" at work the more I am convinced they are the snake oil salesmen of our generation. They convince unwitting suits that they have the cure for all their company's ills while knowing nothing about the company's products or services. Managing social media is needed for many companies so there must be people competent at it. Unfortunately they don't work for Ancestry.com.
Ancestry.com has a number of knowledgeable genealogists on staff. Unfortunately knowing anything at all about genealogy, the Ancestry.com website or Ancestry's other products is not a requirement for employment in Ancestry's other departments. Sometimes it seems as if Ancestry prefers to hire people who know nothing at all about genealogy. It would be nice, however, if they at least knew something about their field of expertise.

Can you spot the errors? If you found more than I did add them in the comments. My list and much more after the jump.