30 August 2013

Swan Song

Title: Shining_purple_swan
Uploaded: 6 times to women who, as far as I can tell, have nothing in common.
Their birth and death info:
1851 Illinois - 1948 Illinois
1839 Alabama - 1860 Alabama
1808 Tennessee - 1888 Kansas
1684 Rhode Island - 1730 Connecticut
 1608 England - 1688 England
1500 England - 1593 England
Attached to: 10 other trees

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26 August 2013

Ordinary People

The complaints about Who Do You Think You Are? not using "ordinary people" are becoming as annoying as playing cello on Pachelbel's Canon for a wedding with a dozen bridesmaids. (If you don't get that there's an explanation in the video at the end of this post.)
After the jump I take on the whiners.

22 August 2013

Dressing Up a Profile

I might understand having a photo of a dress or outfit that you ancestor could have worn. Stress might. But when there's two, three or six centuries difference between the profile and the clothing? Of course I just ask, "Why?!!?"

Title: dress 5
Uploaded to: A woman born in Kentucky in 1811
Attached to: 2 other trees
Created by and photographed for Time Travel Costumes
Intended to be in the Tudor style.

Title: CivilWarDress
Uploaded to: A woman born in Ireland in 1230
Attached to: 2 other trees

Brown ribbed silk dress, 1860s
Part of the Threads of War exhibit.

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19 August 2013

Dead and Married

Comments after the jump.

 Robert Knollys
 B: 1451 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England OR Mimms, North, Hertfordshire, England OR North, Hertfordshire, England
 D: 1458 in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, England

 Elizabeth Troutbeck (1452-1458)
 ✿ Robert Knollys (1481-1520)

16 August 2013

Crain's Business

The logo in the photo is probably too small to see but it's in the top left corner of this page.

Title: Crain Bathroom
Date: March 2011
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee  
Uploaded to: Two profiles.
A man born 1785 in Georgia and
his daughter born 1820 in Tennessee.
Their surname is Crain.
Attached to: 10 other trees

Title: Crain Bathroom
Date: March 2011
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee  
Uploaded to: Six profiles. The same man above, his wife and son,
his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather (b. 1680 in Ireland)
all have profiles graced with this photograph.
Attached to: 34 other trees

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

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12 August 2013

DNA: False Advertising?

23andme.com advertisement as seen on Facebook.
What Nationality Are You?
Find out how much African, Asian, and European ancestry you have.

I noticed this advertisement after my last DNA series. Thought I'd save it for my next run of DNA posts but it'll be a while before I have time to write those. I have the results for my great-aunt but haven't time to get into the matches and new features. Hopefully by the time my brother gets his results I'll find time to do another series. Anyway, back to the ad.
How can we expect the general public and potential DNA test taker to grasp the basics of autosomal DNA when those selling the tests don't understand the fundamentals? A DNA test cannot tell you your nationality. Nationality is determined by birth or naturalization, not DNA.
Let's say you were born in the United States but all four of your grandparents were born in France. Is a DNA test going to tell you you're American? No. Your passport will, a DNA test will not. You get your DNA from your parents. Their DNA did not change just because they, or their parents or grandparents, crossed an ocean or a few borders. The test will also not tell you what percentage of your ethnicity is from France. Which bring us to the next ad...

ancestryDNA advertisement as seen on Huffington Post.
What are your countries of origin?
Find the full story of your ethnicity.

England, France and Spain? None of those are possible results with ancestryDNA. Countries of origin? Countries and borders have changed throughout history. No one will get results telling them what country their ancestors were from with ancestryDNA. The results are regional, no countries, no specific native tribes. Here is the list of possible results:

British Isles
Central African
Central Asian
Central European
East African
East Asian
Eastern European
European Jewish
Middle Eastern
Native North American
Native South American
North African
Pacific Islander
South Asian
Southern African
Southern European
West African

Do you see England, France or Spain on that list? Do you see any result that is a single country? Outside of the name of the test and the link to purchase the test, nothing in that ad is accurate.
Then there's "the full story" claim. There are thousands of us with a large percentage of "uncertain" who are still waiting for the full story.
The final advertisement for today is after the jump.

09 August 2013

Lipstick on a Pig

This week I'm putting the photo after the jump. It's just disturbing.
If you do not want to see it scroll slowly and stop at the jump indicator.

TITLE: Belgian Pig Art Farm
DESCRIPTION: Workers tattoo a pig in the "Art Farm" of Belgian conceptual artist Wim Delvoye at the outskirts of Beijing November 20, 2008. Delvoye has staff consisting of local farmers to raise the pigs and professionals to tattoo them with cartoons or symbols. The animals would then be displayed at art exhibitions and their skins sold to collectors after they were slaughtered.
UPLOADED TO: Once to 3 profiles, a man and his parents.
Prosper Joseph Barbion b. 1908 in Belgium - d. 2003 in Oregon
August Barbion b. 1887 Belgium
Octavie M b. 1890 Belgium
ATTACHED TO: No other trees

The tree owner gives no credit to Reuters, who provided the description, or the photographer, Reinhard Krause. You'll find more photos at that link.
There is also no indication as to why this photo was uploaded. There is no one in this tree with the Delvoye surname and each profile has multiple uploaded images (a Coat of Arms, a couple of flags, flowers, etc.).

05 August 2013

The Great Catesby

Comments after the jump.

 Reinhold Reginald De Catesby
 B: 1242 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England
 D: 1281 in poss Coventry, Warwickshire, England

 Simon De Catesby (1209-1243)
 Unnamed unk de Catesby (1278- )

 Unnamed unk Catesby (1246-1306)
 ✿ Simon Catesby (1273-1304) married Unnamed unk Catesby (1278- )

02 August 2013

Monkey See

As with most of the Friday photos I can only think of one thing to say...

TITLE: A small monkey
UPLOADED: 3 times to women with the following details:
(1335-1368) Born and died in Hampsfield, Lancashire, England.
(1612-1688) Born and died in Manchester, Lancashire, England.
(1709-1763) Born and died in Cecil, Maryland, USA
ATTACHED: 3 times to 2 other trees

Posted here and numerous other places with no attribution.

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