28 August 2012

DNA Will Solve Everything

Ancestry.com has a contest running on their Facebook page. The prize being their new autosomal DNA test. Every time they start a thread encouraging people to enter the prompt is something along the lines of, "What are you looking to discover with an AncestryDNA test?" The comments are, um,...unrealistic. There are a few people who post who, though careless with grammar, have some common sense.
seeing everyones answer reminds me of Henry Louis Gates Jr. and how he jokes about everyones claim to be Indian/Native American. Someone asked earlier how many people are actually likely to be Native American. 1/3 of caucasians in the USA claim Native ancestry, but less than 5% actaully have it.
My DNA may help sort out various family stories and narrow the search to a smaller area. I really do not want to say my heritage until after the test results. I am really not expecting it will help solve my impossible brick wall. This brick wall has been attempted by many in the family since 1900. Not expecting any miracles. Just blessed I am able to get the kit and give it a try.
Of course the rational is not what this blog focuses on. So after the jump you know what you'll find ;-)

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As usual the comments have been cut and pasted with no corrections.
Still no sarcasm font so my comments are in red.


Where does the red hair come from???

I have been very ill and would love to know when both the arthritis and the colitis started.

...and wondering about a genetic cancer connection.

To find out where did a major heart condition come from on my Mothers side.All of my sisters brothers and cousins and some neices and nephews have heart failure ailments.

I would love to know half of who I am, for my sake as I get older and for my daughter's sake. I know nothing of my birth-father's history. Going to doctor appointments is more and more frustrating when genetic questions are asked. The answers matter when discussing treatment options. I get frustrated when I have to respond "unknown". Equally so when I would fill out medical information/history for my daughter. Every time I'm sick or see a new doctor I'm reminded of this fact-I do not know half of who I am. I worry that my daughter may some day need this information for some critical reason as well.

I would like to know the medical history of the Moore family on my moms side. My grandmother and her brother both have MS. Their sister, who had a different father, does not have the disease.

I would want to figure out who my paternal biological grandfather is and discover where I got my curly hair from.

My native american ancestry. I need to know for my medical reasons-diabetes.


I have Indian but not exactly which tribe/tribes
And this test won't tell you.

am I really related to Jessie James?
Have you tried doing research?

To show the Cherokee blood and possible a person is really my brother!! There is no one left to aak

It was passed on bunt grandma & aunt that we are part Cherokee & Blackfoot. Would love to finally learn the truth about this!!

Using the DNA would help clear up some stories as to our kin to "outlaws", all my life I have been told our family is connected to Doc Holliday and then recently was told my 4th great grandmother was kin to Jesse James,, love history and would love to find out where our lineage goes,
Are you planning on digging up Doc and Jesse?

My son is adopted from Guatemala and would like to know if he is 100% Mayan.

We were always told as children that our great grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee Indian who was adopted by a white family as a child. There has been no way to prove that this is true. A DNA test should help to show if there is Cherokee in the line.
Um, no it won't.

I have been told over the years that our family has indian blood, the tribe has ranged from Cherokee to Chickasaw to others. I would like to be able to prove positively one way or the other if there is indian blood and what tribe it would be.

!to find out if im truely cherokke and german

Would like to know if there is Indian and what tribe on both grandparents side of my family. Also where did my family come from that will hopfully get past the brick wall I've ran into. Am I spanish , mexican or indian ???

My maternal great grandmother was supposedly Choctaw Indian. It is the one line of my family that I have been unable to track. This test would enable me to know whether this is true or not and help me go in a correct direction and possibly answer questions that my family has been trying to answer for over 60 years.

I would like to win this test for my husband to confirm he has American Indian blood (Pocahontas).



To find out if the spencers in my family really do come from the same line as Princess Diana's family.

I have found Royalty on both sides off my family. Also have traced it back to Kind David's line. I would love to find out if all this is true.
Save your money, it isn't.

My great grandmother swore we are related to Charlemagne royalty. No one knows where the family came from. Would live to find out.

Do the nobility of England show different strands than the common?


My family came to America in the early 1700’s so its been very hard to verify them. Ancestry DNA would be a great help. I know they were either Scottish, British or Ireland and suppose to be some Indian thrown in which I could never verify.
I'm sure you'll find a test that narrows your ethnicity down to the "British Isles" very helpful in determining whether you're "Scottish, British or Ireland".

Whose side do I take after more? Should info to Ireland or England?
Again..."British Isles"

I'd love to know which Irish clan I come from and if the speculation about a soldier from the Spanish Armada who got stranded in Ireland are true.

there are 3 families of Thomas in the one county, and I would like to know what one I branch from...

I would like to know what country I should start looking in to locate where my ancestries were from
Where do you live? That is where you start.

My mom has always said we have Cherokee Indian and Celtic roots. Would love to prove that since I have been fascinated by those cultures. Trying to pass on as much of our history to my children.


I tested and none of my Grandmother's DNA appears in my results. I want to have her tested AND she is 99 yrs old. I have a clock ticking. Her grandfather came from Corsica to Puerto Rico where he had a family. Then they went to Hawaii then San Francisco, U.S. I want to learn about this line of my family. I need my grandmother's DNA test results to help with that. Please give us a chance. There are many cousins eagerly awaiting any information. My Grandma could hold a key.

My dad and granddad's line supposedly goes back to vikings and I would like to prove this. My Ancestry.com research says we might have relatives to 685 on that tree. But......I have not checked everything.
Good thing you added that last part or we would have thought your research was completely accurate.

I would like to be able to identify my 5 great-grandfather. In working on my genealogy line, I can't get past him. I need for one of my male cousins that is direct line because the DNA must be direct line male. I know of 4 male cousins who would qualify for this test. If we could win this 'contest', hopefully we could clear this roadblock.
Do you know which test is being given away?

I want a dna test from my 4th great grandfather.
I don't even want to think about how this person plans to get DNA from his 4th great-grandfather.


I'm oroginally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, now living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Umm, that's nice.

How far does it go back in history?
Exactly 500 years from the moment you spit. Not a day more.

I'd like to find out more about my dad's paternal grandmother. I typed her name ancestry.com and found absolutely nothing.
And you think a DNA test will help you how?

Family legend states that we have an ancestor that was Romanian gypsy. I can't find any information about her. Would love to see if I really have that bloodline in my ancestry.
I think this person needs to look up the definition of gypsy.

Would like to know if I am related to anyone famous, but more interesting, anyone infamous.
I'm sure Ancestry is testing famous/infamous people who won't mind releasing their results and they're spending millions exhuming and testing persons of interest.

What my nationality is, my biological mother lied on my birth certificate.
Unless your birth certificate was completely forged you already know your nationality. Nationality is determined by birth. Were you born in Iowa? You're American. Were you born in Ontario? You're Canadian. This test determines your genetic ethnicity.

I would like to find info, almost get it click on to get it and page telling me I have to pay $$$, which I don't have.  
Nothing like a completely off topic post. And did this person not know that Ancestry.com was a business when they 'liked' the page?


I've traced our lineage back to Captain Morgan and General Cornwallis. It'd be nice to have solid proof.

I have discovered that my grandmother is the 5th cousin of Ralf Waldo Emerson. And I would love to prove that!


I really hope some of these are jokes!

Pocahontas is a distant relative. Do I have any Native American DNA? How much of mine is British Aisles? What do I have from the Charlemagne line?

I would like to do the DNA test to confirm or prove otherwise, several parts of my research. One line I have found goes to the royal blood. Another branch to Pocahontas. Another to one of the largest clans in Scotland, the Clan Donald. Yet other branches of my tree come from parts of Virginia where my ancestors were very reclusive and did not keep many records, so it would be great to help bust down that brick wall!

I’ve exhausted the usual methods and hit the wall on my dad’s line in Deutsch-mokra, Hungary. On my mom’s side, I would like some supporting evidence for some of the Plantagenets and Merovingian Kings that keep popping up as well as the ties to Cleopatra Vii. I would probably offer the test to my wife first. She is the great granddaughter of Odin of Asgaard. Would love to see where that goes!!

I want EVERYONE to get the DNA test done, including myself, to prove the linking of all mankind back to Adam and Eve.
You didn't think I'd get through this without an Adam and Eve reference did you? ;-)

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  1. Wow. The mind boggles at what people think Ancestry's test can do. I am afraid for the human race after reading some of these comments.

    Side note - I did Ancestry's test and while interesting, I wish I had held out and done FamilyTree DNA testing as that gives you the raw data.

    1. Didn't you know it's a miracle worker? ;-)
      As far as raw data, Ancestry is looking into that so it's possible we will still get it :-) It's still in the beta phase so there will probably be a number of changes in the next year.

  2. His wife is the great granddaughter of Odin of Asgaard. Oh. I see.

    That being said, some of your comments are a bit harsh. DNA tests can sometimes tell you if you have Native American ancestry, and some of them also give you genetic medical information (I don't know if this one does or not). So some of those comments aren't far off.

    1. These were all on threads specifically about Ancestry,com's autosomal test. It does not give medical information. Ancestry never claimed it would or even hinted that it might. And while the test does give Native percentages (just look at my results on today's post) no test will tell you what tribe your ancestors are from. It won't even differentiate between tribes native to what is now 3 separate countries: Canada, the US, Mexico. The test will also not reveal which ancestor provides the connection to Native Americans.