24 April 2012

My Mother, The Zombie

Events with just a name are children's births.
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1795                  Susannah's birth
1816 Nov 11       Marriage to Leonard Dickerson (b. 1805 - d. 1864)
1818                  Uriah
1819 Sep 12       Absalom
1822 Aug 21       Henry H
1822 Aug 21     Susannah Dies
1826 Mar 16       Susannah's husband marries Susannah Hylton (b. 1805 - d. 1879)*
These children are all born to the Susannah who is deceased.
1828 Apr 12        Archeloas Hylton
1829 Aug 18        Eli
1832 Jul 11         Mahulda
1835 Feb 1          Charlotte
1836 Nov 13        John B
1838 Sep 2          Ira
1840 Jul 18          Micharah
1842 Sep 23        Martha
1844 Aug 31        Bethany
1846 Jul 24          Modilla

All children have the Dickerson surname.

*The second Susannah has one child attached, Uriah.
Details for the second Uriah are the same as the first Uriah.

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There are at least three separate trees online that have Susannah dying in 1822 and continuing to give birth for 24 years.
In some cases it may be convenient and helpful to copy someone else's work. Say that person has sifted through courthouse records or ordered records that aren't available online. They then generously posted them to their tree. Great! Now you can look at those records, decide if this person is your ancestor and, maybe, connect to that tree.
But what if the person you are about to copy from is the reason a flushable toilet brush needs a "Do Not Use For Personal Hygiene" warning? Websites that host online family trees do not have a vetting process. Anyone can create a family tree, for any reason.
To quote my friend David, "The first assumption anyone new to genealogy should make is that every tree is created by someone who knows as little as you do."

Hat tip to Lori for the heads up about this profile ;-)

UPDATE: Courtesy of Lori: "Through the work of three other Dickerson researchers, a Floyd County researcher and me, asking a bunch of questions...most of this "mess" has been straightened out. There were actually two Susannahs (first cousins) that married Leonard Dickerson. The first Susannah gave birth to Uriah (my husbands line), possibly Absalom (not proven) and died giving birth to Henry. Susannah #2 gave birth to the balance of the children. The information was straightened out through Wills, Marriage Records, Census records, Land Bounty docs and more."
This is what can happen when people notice the errors and care about getting the names and date correct :-)

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  1. "But what if the person you are about to copy from is the reason a flushable toilet brush needs a "Do Not Use For Personal Hygiene" warning?"

    lol! Oh my goodness, that is hilarious.