19 November 2012

Learning New Tricks

Updated 27 Apr 2013

Ancestry.com has been putting out really informative tutorials on the regular basis. Unfortunately their YouTube channel is a bit of a maze if you're trying to find a past one. If you can remember a word in the title you can just use their channel's search box but if you can't, well...
I've created a YouTube channel and organized playlists so we can easily find what we need. Another reason I did this is because Ancestry.com's videos are not the only genealogy videos on YouTube. I'm adding others as I find them. Playlist topics are:
 ✿ African-American Genealogy
 ✿ American Indian Genealogy
 ✿ Apps & Technology for Genealogy
 ✿ Archives, Libraries & Museums
 ✿ Becoming a Genealogist
 ✿ BMD: Birth & Baptism
 ✿ BMD: Marriage & Divorce
 ✿ BMD: Death & Burial
 ✿ Brick Wall Busters
 ✿ Census: U.S.
 ✿ Census: Non-U.S.
 ✿ Countries: Australia & New Zealand
 ✿ Countries Canada
 ✿ Countries: Central & South America
 ✿ Countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
 ✿ Countries: Eastern Europe
 ✿ Countries: Great Britain
 ✿ Countries: Ireland
 ✿ Countries: Western Europe
 ✿ Countries: Other
 ✿ Digitization and Indexing
 ✿ DNA
 ✿ FamilySearch
 ✿ Genealogy 101
 ✿ Genealogical Societies & Conferences
 ✿ Google for Genealogy
 ✿ Immigration, Naturalization & Travel
 ✿ Interviews & Interviewing
 ✿ Jewish Genealogy
 ✿ Land Records, Maps and Location Research
 ✿ Military: Personnel - U.S.
 ✿ Military: Personnel - Other
 ✿ Military: Revolutionary War
 ✿ Military: American Civil War
 ✿ Military: Spanish-American War
 ✿ Military: World War I
 ✿ Military: World War II
 ✿ Military: Other Wars & Conflicts
 ✿ Miscellaneous
 ✿ Names (maiden, common, ethnic, etc.)
 ✿ News and Newspapers
 ✿ Organizing Your Genealogy Research
 ✿ Photos, Photography & Preservation
 ✿ Search Tips for Genealogy
 ✿ Software for Genealogy: Family Tree Maker 2012
 ✿ Software for Genealogy: Other
 ✿ States: Midwest
 ✿ States: Northeast
 ✿ States: Southeast
 ✿ States: Southwest
 ✿ States: West
 ✿ Websites other than Ancestry
 ✿ WDYTYA? and Other Fun Stuff
FamilySearch has a few tutorials but most of theirs are slideshows that are only available through their website's Learning Center. The wonderful thing about the FamilySearch tutorials is the number of countries, languages, and subjects they cover. Everything from lessons in Spanish about German research to learning how to read Scandinavian Gothic handwritten records. You can find tutorials by country, language, skill level, subject or format (audio, video, interactive slides or video and slides). There are some 5 minute tutorials on their YouTube channel as well as some short videos about different archives around the country. I've added some of those to the playlists.
The company that sells Legacy Family Tree software also provides video lectures. Their videos on YouTube are usually just 15 minute previews of videos that are available to purchase. Most Legacy Family Tree webinars are free for 10 days after the live event. I've included some of the previews for more popular topics in the playlists. Details about purchasing are below the video. Even if you don't purchase the video the preview can be helpful in other ways. It can help you decide between speakers at an upcoming conference or you may want to sign up for the next Legacy event that includes that speaker.
These are just a few of the channels represented in my playlists:
If you come across a channel I haven't found yet please post a link to one of their videos in the comments. Thanks!

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