24 December 2012

Jesus of Connecticut

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 Joseph ( Father Of Jesus)
 B: Bethelehem,Palestine
 D: Nazareth,Palestine

 Heli Ben Matthat
 B: Luke, Allegany, Maryland, United States
 D: July, Ad Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales

 Mary The Virgin
 B: Nazareth, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States
 D: France
 James Arimathea Brother the Lord
 B: Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: Glastonbury, Somerset, England
 Jesus Christ
 B: Bethlehem, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States
 D: Golgatha, Yerushalayim, Israel
 Joseph Of Arimathaea
 B: Bc Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales
 Joseph Of Arimathaea
 B: 0001 in Arimathea, Judea, Israel
 D: 0101 in Abbey Glais, Glastonbury, Wales

 Jesus Christ
 B: Israel
 D: Israel

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The one positive about this tree is that these profiles do not connect to the main tree. They are from a small cluster of 30 or 40 profiles just floating. I thought that the owner may have started as a clickophile and changed their ways. Having "floaters" isn't unusual if you aren't absolutely methodical when deleting a line. Wishful thinking. There are numerous duplicate profiles and profiles with dates before the year 1000 in the rest of their tree so if they are cleaning up their tree they still have a long way to go.
The one thing I find incredibly amusing in the above family is that even with four children entered the tree owner decided to list the mother as "Mary The Virgin." Makes me giggle every time I look at it. Yes I know that she's is often referred to a "The Virgin Mary" or "The Virgin Mother" but that's only in reference to the birth of her first child.
The locations that scatter the globe on the other hand are laughable in a completely different sense. *head/desk*head/desk*head/desk*

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thanks for reading!

Thanks to McComberdescendant on the Ancestry.com message boards for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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