25 January 2016

Another Change Comin'

Did anyone else catch the brief preview of Ancestry's new HINTS page earlier today? A friend alerted me to it and I caught it just before it was taken down.

Hints were visible under the ALL HINTS but RECORDS, PHOTOS, and STORIES showed the error message above. The banner at the top is rather large and each hint was HUGE. Viewing ALL HINTS on my laptop I could only see one hint without scrolling. My friend could see two. Are all programmers married to carpal tunnel surgeons?
The alphabet is gone from the top of the page and the relationship is displayed automatically. On the current HINTS page you have to click "View relationship to me." Unfortunately the new page disappeared before I had a chance to see if there were any other differences.
I'm hoping we'll be able to sort by record collection. What changes would you make to the HINTS page?

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22 January 2016

Who Am I?

You've seen this disaster of a profile before in Bottomless Pit 2. That post featured the events on the profile. This one has the list of alternate names. Over 6000 of them. Six THOUSAND!
This profile has given me nightmares. What if there's a profile somewhere on all of our trees that, because of a computer glitch, has every name and every event attached to it?
There are also a couple dozen "alternate name" facts with no name on them at all. See the horror after the jump.