14 October 2013

Top Ten

Celebrating 200 posts!
Well this is actually #202. I'm a little late :-P
Thanks to all of you for reading my blog!
Here are the most popular posts from the first 200.

10. A Must Read Book for 'Newbies'

9. Social Disgrace: Photo Edition

8. Another WDYTYA? Rant

7. Social Disgrace

6. AncestryDNA Site Tools

5. Fixing What's Not Broken

4. You might be a clickophile

3. Free Gen Websites

2. My DNA Results

1. Apologies Only Go So Far

Here are a few of my favorites that didn't make the top ten:

You Did WHAT?!!? and The Sequel

The Time Travelers

Multiple Birth World Record 

If you have a favorite please share it with your gen friends and groups.
On to the next 100 :-)

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