24 August 2012

Multiple Birth World Record Part 2

This is a continuation of Tuesday's post.
US census records attached to profile for SARAH ELLEN WINTERS.
Surnames on all are "Green." Information listed:
Place of residence
Names, ages, birthplaces of household members
In bold is the record attached to Sarah's profile.
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 Barber, KS
 Norman 31, AR; Sarah E 21, MO
 Martin L 2, KS; Elmer 1, KS

 Wood, OK
 Sarah 41, MO
 John R 19, KS; Alice A 17, KS; Freddie F 15, KS; William O 13, KS;
 Lattie E 10, KS; Iva M 8, KS; Nellie E 6, KS; Oliver N 5, KS; Giles C 3, KS

 Choctaw Indian Territory
 Walter P 28, AL; Annie E 27, TN
 Jeanett 8, TX; Homer P 6, TX; Grace V 4, TX; Lattie R 2, TX; Willie L 8/12, TX

 Bastrop, TX
 Saul 40, TX; Sarah 29, TX 
 Edgar 9, TX; Claud 8, TX; Bulez 3, TX; Latie 2, TX

 Major, OK
 Sarah E 51, MO
 John R 29, KS; Fred F 25, KS; Lattie E 20, KS; Iva M 18, KS;
 Nellie E 16, KS; Oliver N 15, KS; Giles C 12, KS;

 Bastrop, TX
 Dub 47, TX; Sarah 40, TX
 Edgar 19, TX; Claud 18, TX; Ruby 13, TX; Lattie 12, TX; Godfrey 10, TX;
 Dub Jr 8, TX; Charlie 7, TX; Rivers 4, TX; Otho 1, TX

 Baca, CO
 Sarah E 61, MO
 John R 30, KS; Oliver 24, KS; Giles 22, KS; Nellie 26, KS

 Bastrop, TX
 Dub 61, TX
 Sarah 29, TX; Lattie 22, TX; Dub Jr 17, TX; Charles 15, TX;
 William H 13, TX; Other 11, TX; Roscorn 7, TX; Irene 7/12, TX

ⓑⓐⓡⓚⓘⓝⓖ  ⓤⓟ  ⓣⓗⓔ  ⓦⓡⓞⓝⓖ  ⓣⓡⓔⓔ

Not only are there duplicate people on this tree there are the duplicate events.

21  1900 Residence events for Woods, OK
  1  1900 Residence event for Choctaw Indian Territory
  1  1900 Residence event for Bastrop, TX

28  1910 Residence events for Major, OK
  1  1910 Residence event for Bastrop, TX

  1  1920 Residence event for Baca, CO
  2  1920 Residence events for Bastrop, TX

Doesn't look like the tree owner made any attempt to find the correct family. Different races, different husbands, and even one record that doesn't have Sarah Ellen's name on it. Unfortunately because this person added these records they will now pop up as hints for Sarah Ellen on other trees. I hope other people looking for her family have more sense.

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  1. for those who are wondering. The family lived in Barber County, Kansas; Stone, Wood/Major, Oklahoma; Baca, Colorado. Norman died in Kansas and Sarah moved to Oklahoma join the rest of her family who had settle there during the 1893 land rush. The children were: Martin (Mark), Elmer, John Ross,Alice, Fred, William, Lattie Elbert, Iva, Nellie, Oliver and Giles. I know I have a lot of cousins in my Winters' branches but 2nd Great Grand Aunt Sarah Ellen Winters Green only had 11 of them.