26 July 2013

Social Disgrace: Photo Edition

Continuing the theme from Monday's post these are all posts by the social media team at Ancestry.com. All the examples are taken from Ancestry's Facebook page. It's like watching the Keystone Cops over there. It's worth checking out for sheer entertainment value but be warned. If you comment and you are as sarcastic as I am you might get reprimanded by an admin from their personal account. Yup, the professionalism is just overflowing. Since Monday there is already enough material for yet another post! I'll save those for another time and get back to the crazy trees next Monday.
Unfortunately I missed getting a screen cap of the post with a photo of LBJ signing legislation in "1946." A simple typo but it took the admins about 2 hours to respond to the comments. Of course by then the comments were in the hundreds, no one bothered to read the entire thread, and the thread was eventually deleted.
Here we go...

Truckee, 150 years: 1863-2013. #4thofjuly #ancestry
(link to original Facebook post)
How is July 4th significant to the history of the town? No idea. Are there any anniversary events that might be of interest to Ancestry.com fans? Who knows. Could there be less information in this post? I doubt it.
I had to look up where Truckee is because I had never heard of it. (It's in California just west of Reno, Nevada.)


Who doesn't like a good spud? Cheers and wishing Idaho, the gem state, a happy 122nd birthday!
(link to original Facebook post)
1) Idaho is the "Gem State" not the gem state.
2) Idaho became a state on July 3, 1890. Anyone want to do the math? 2013 minus 1890 equals...
3) Any links? Nope. Ancestry.com has about 35 collections specific to Idaho but why clutter a pointless post with a link to the website you work for?
4) Did the map in the photo come from an Ancestry.com collection? We may never know.

We're just getting started ;-) More after the jump.

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I am a famous sculpture. What am I?
(link to original Facebook post)
Choose your snarky answer:
1) A horse. Duh.
2) How is this relevant to Ancestry.com?
3) Art that has nothing to do with genealogy.
4) Your new profile photo? Um, you photographed the wrong end.


Before he was Indiana or Han Solo, Harrison Ford was in the yearbook! What is your favorite photo from a yearbook? http://ancstry.me/1dCGptM
(link to original Facebook post)
Unfortunately I didn't get a screen cap the first time this was posted. It was deleted and re-posted with "Hans Solo" corrected. I'll save you a click, the link in the caption goes to the photo on Pinterest. Apparently Ancestry's new social media team only knows how to link to other social media. They have no idea that Ancestry has a number of yearbook collections, like this one. If they did they might have chosen a photo from their own collections instead of risking a copyright lawsuit.


"The British are coming! The British are coming!" The home pictured belongs to the American Revolutionary hero who muttered these iconic words. Can you name him? And where his home is located?
(link to original post)
1) If he muttered those words how did anyone hear him?
2) Did Paul Revere mean his friends, family and neighbors were coming?


Joyeux Anniversaire Paris! Happy 2,000th birthday to the city of lights, Paris, which was most likely founded in 250 B.C. and can be traced back to a Gallic tribe!
(the original Facebook post has been deleted)
Paris is not the city of lights but the "City of Light." You'd think there would be some sort of celebration in Paris for the 2000th birthday. Oh wait, there was...in 1951. Looks like someone decided to plagiarize the History.com site without bothering to read, comprehend or fact check.

 Screen cap from History.com.
My last business course was sophomore year of college so I could be wrong but isn't social media for business supposed to feature, um, the business? Shouldn't it promote the business, link back to pages on the business's website, or at the very least encourage discussion about the business's area of expertise, in this case genealogy? Or am I just being silly?

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