21 October 2013

All Betts Are Off

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 Nicholas Camp
 B: 10 Jan 1606 in Nazing, Essex, England
 D: 1654 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

 Sarah Elliott (1598-1645) m. 1621 in Essex, England
 ✿ John Betts (1601-1638)
 ✿ Mary Marie Betts (1610-1638)
 ✿ Robert Betts (1612- )
 ✿ Mary Camp (Mar 1622-1651) Born in Nazeing, Essex, England
 ✿ Edward Camp (1622-1659) Born in Hertfordshire, England
 ✿ Nicholas Camp (7 Apr 1627-1706)
 ✿ Sarah Camp (5 Aug 1627-1676)
 ✿ Deacon Samuel Camp (2 Sep 1645-1736)
 ✿ John Camp (2 Sep 1645-1710)
 ✿ William Camp (1660-1713)

 Edith Eady Tilley (1603-1652) m. 1646 in Milford, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
 ✿ Abigail Camp (1647- )

 Katherine Thompson (1623-1652) m. 1652 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

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This is just a whole lot of stupid for one profile. Here's a timeline for Nicholas Camp.
 1601 His first son is born. Nicholas himself won't be born for another 5 years. His wife is 3.
 1606 He is born.
 1610 His first daughter is born. Nicholas is 4 years old. His wife is 12.
 1612 His second son is born. Nicholas is 6, his wife is 14.
Oh, and none of these children has his surname.
 1621 He marries Sarah Elliott, the woman who has been having his children since she was 3 years old.
 1622 Two more children are born. Twins? I hope not since they weren't born in the same place.
 1627 Two more children are born...four months apart.
 1645 Two more children are born. Actual twins this time.
 1645 Sarah dies.
 1646 He marries Edith Eady Tilley.
 1647 His first child with Edith is born.
 1652 Edith dies.
 1652 He marries Katherine Thompson.
 1654 He dies.
 1660 He and Sarah (Did I mention they're both dead?) have another child.
Pay attention to what you're doing people!

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