25 October 2013

Photo Friday: The Coven

Title: A little bear on a broom
Uploaded to: Mary Lovett
Born 1 Jan 1651 in Massachusetts
Died 3 Mar 1732 in Connecticut
Attached to: 2 other trees

A Creddy Bears Halloween Image

Title: Cute Halloween witch with bats
Uploaded to: Johanna Tyler
Born 1681 in Massachusetts
Died 1728 in Connecticut
Attached to: 1 other tree

 Halloween wallpaper available from various sources

Title: cute little witch
Uploaded to: Martha Tyler
Born 1676 in Massachusetts
Died 1734 in Connecticut

Witch in the anime style

Thanks to Kristin for helping me with this post!
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1 comment:

  1. How does this creators ancestors not crawl up out of their graves and slap her down? And I do think that this is a woman. I can NOT see a man doing these. ;>