11 October 2013

Scottish Lass

As always I'll just ask, why?

Title: _____
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1. Gillebride MacGille Argyll MacGille (1080-1164)
2. Somerled Northern Isles MacGillebride (1114-1164)
3. Donald I Maldwin Earrl Lennox Ragnaldsson (1196-1250)
4. Lord Donald Grammac Macdonald (1359-1449)
5. Andrew Alexander (1460-1526)
6. Samuel Alexander (1787-1861)
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  1. Have been reading about the garbage and how naive people...including Jim are about what ancestry has done with other free sites they've gobbled up. So, thought, I hope over to your blog so we could be connected. Nice fall background by the way.

    Love blogging so hope to see you around, though I don't use google+ I do enjoy reading and commenting and writing blog posts.

    1. unsure why when you click my name it says no profile, it should take you to my blogger stuff, http://s4ccccs.blogspot.com/ or http://homelessbridge.blogspot.com/ etc. you can get to my blogs as I have each one linked to the others, any ideas why it doesn't go to my dashboard? You might want to add name and link as an option for comments.

    2. Your blogger profile is private. On the page with your stats and where you compose your name is in the top right corner. Click that then click "Blogger profile" and on that page there's an "edit profile" button on the top right. You should be able to change your settings there. The first link in your comment doesn't go anywhere and Blogger says that address is available.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Nice that she/they took the car along in the time machine - must have been drilling for petrol in the North Sea a lot earlier than I had realized!