12 May 2013

My Mother, The Zombie III

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 Ann Gildersleeve
 B: 1596 in England
 M: 1615 in Nantucket Hempstead, Livingston, New York to John Natz Smith
 D: 1615 in Long Island, Nassau, New York

 Richard GILDERSLEEVE (1601-1681)
 Joanna Appleton (1601-1677)

 John Smith (1626- ) married in NY

 John Natz Smith (1585-1640)
 ✿ Mary Smith (1613-1690)
 ✿ John Rock SMITH (1615-1706) born in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
 ✿ John Rock Smith (1615-1706) born in England
 ✿ John Rock Smith (1615-1706) born in Lancaster, Lancashire, England
 ✿ Elizabeth Smith (1620- )
 ✿ Samuel Smith (1636-1715) born in Maspeth, Queens, New York
 ✿ George Smith (1647-1703) born in Hanover, Virginia

 ✿ U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
     Anne Gildersleeve, female; Spouse John Smith, b. 1626; married NY
 ✿ Ancestry Family Trees
     42 Ancestry Member Trees

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Why yes I think that marriage record makes perfect sense. What's so unusual about a woman getting married 11 years after her death? And having three children born on two continents in the same year? Also a very common occurrence. Happens all the time...on clickophile trees where the laws of time and space don't exist.
Here are some details from the 42 trees attached:
37 have Ann born in 1585
  5 have Ann born in 1596
28 have Ann's mother born in 1600 or 1601
  7 show both her parents born in 1601
42 trees have her death date as 1615
12 have children born after 1615
Thanks to David for the link to this tree ;-)
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