29 May 2013


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 Zorobabel Sheshbazzar Zerubbabel Governor Judea ha David
 B: in Babylon, Suffolk, New York, United States
 D: in Zion, Lake, Illinois, United States

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Though there are no dates on this profile the names look Biblical. Numerous generations later I found a date in the 5th century. So yes, this profile is intended to be someone from about two thousand years ago. History lessons are lost on clickophiles.
These places are from last week's tree:
 ✿ Troy, Asia Minor
 ✿ Troy, Greece
 ✿ Troy, Oakland, Michigan
 ✿ Troy, Waldo
 ✿ Troy, Waldo, Maine
Most non-existent or illogical places are on profiles that have no business being on any family tree - an Egyptian pharaoh born in Africa, Spalding, Georgia, United States or Adam & Eve living in Eden, Rockingham, North Carolina, United States or Eden, Lamoille, Vermont, United States - but it's a reminder to the rest of us to pay attention to what we are clicking on in the type ahead. Don't click on Paris, Texas when you the place you want is Paris, France. Or Springfield, South Australia instead of Springfield, South Carolina or any of the other dozens of Springfields around the globe.

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