01 May 2013

Gardener Using Too Much Manure

Before we get to today's post...  
This is a real thing in the world. Absolutely nothing to do with today's tree, I just had to share.

The census records below are in this format:

  Census collection - place of residence
  Name on record, age; place of birth
  List of other household residents with the same surname, ages.
  If no one in the household shares her surname her occupation will be listed.

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 Anna maria gardener
 B: 1832 in Barford, Warwickshire, England
 D: Oct 1913 in Warwickshire, United Kingdom

 Joseph William Gardener (1803-1877)
 Ann Maria Palser (1800-1857)
 antony Horsley (1823-1916)
 ✿ George B: 1857
 ✿ James B: 1861
 ✿ Amy Elizabeth B: 1870
 ✿ Thomas Edward B: 1871
 ✿ Lily Louisa B: 1871
 ✿ Ann Maria B: 1874
 ✿ Joseph B: 1876
 CHILDREN with UNKNOWN SPOUSE (married Jan 1852)
 ✿ Mary Alice horsley B: 1877
 ✿ Fanny Maria Horsley B: 1879

 ✿ 1841 England Census - Newington, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Gardener 15; Oxfordshire, England
     F S [female servant?]
 ✿ 1841 England Census - St Peter in The East, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Gardener 15; Oxfordshire, England
     John 50, Jane 50, John 25, William 20
 ✿ 1841 England Census - Blenheim Park, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Gardiner 12; Oxfordshire, England
     Thomas 65, Hannah 50, Henry 14, Harriett 10, Jonathan 7
 ✿ 1841 England Census - Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Viggers 7; Oxfordshire, England
     William 30, Mary 35, Charles 13, John 10, Andrew 5, Eli 3
 ✿ 1851 England Census - Grandborough, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Gardener 19; Warmington, Oxfordshire, England
 ✿ 1851 England Census - Brailes, Warwickshire, England
     Maria Gardener 16; Brailes, Warwickshire, England
     John 69, Mary 64, Wm 36, Elizabeth 34, Lydia 20, Henry 4, Harriet 6 mo.
 ✿ 1851 England Census - Wasperton, Warwickshire, England
     Mary Ann Gardener 18; Barford, Warwickshire, England
     William 49, Ann 44, George 20, William 14, Elizabeth 12, John 9, Emma 7
 ✿ 1851 England Census - Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Viggers 17; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     William 42, Mary 47, John 20, Andrew 15, Eli 12, Mary 9, William 7, Edward 4
 ✿ 1851 England Census - Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Viggers 20; Combrook, Warwickshire, England
 ✿ 1861 England Census - Newington, Surrey, England
     Ann Gardener 30; Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
 ✿ 1861 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Horseley 27; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 38; Caroline 8, Daniel 6, George 4, Elizabeth A 2
 ✿ 1861 England Census - Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Viggers 28; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     William 52, Mary 58, Mary 18, William 16, Edward 13
 ✿ 1861 England Census - Foleshill, Warwickshire, England
     Catherine Horsley 24; Coventry, Warwickshire, England
     Joseph 26, George W 3, Sarah A 10 mo.
 ✿ 1871 England Census - Hornton, Oxfordshire, England
     Ann Horsley 38; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 37, Levi 3, Amy 10 mo.
 ✿ 1881 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Maria Horsley 53; Harley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 57, James 20, Sarah 11, Lilly Louise 9, Ann Maria 7, Ellen 6, Joseph 5
 ✿ 1881 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Hannah Horsley 48; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Antony 47, Levi 13, Amy 10, Eliza 6, Alice 3, Fanny 1
 ✿ 1891 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Horsley 58; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 67, Joseph 15, Ellen 16, Beatrice 4
 ✿ 1891 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Horsley 58; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 57, Fanny 11
 ✿ 1901 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Horsley 72; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 78, Ellen 26
 ✿ 1901 England Census - Ratley, Warwickshire, England
     Ann Horsley 68; Horley, Oxfordshire, England
     Anthony 67
 ✿ 1911 England Census - Ebrington, Warwickshire, England
     Mary Ann Gardener 81; Ebrington, Gloucestershire, England
     William 48
 ✿ Warwickshire, England, Baptisms 1813-1910
     Maria Gardener, 7 Jan 1830 in Hillmorton
     Parents: John Gardener, Frances Gardener
 ✿ England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index, 1837-1915
     Ann Horsley born abt 1834, died Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 in Warwick, Warwickshire
 ✿ England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index, 1837-1915
     Anthony Horsley
     Registered Jan-Feb-Mar 1852 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

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So much information I think my head might explode trying to sort it all out. The number of given names, surnames, parents, places of birth, places of residence,... Let's just look at the four 1861 censuses that are attached.
 Names and Ages
 Ann Gardener, 30
 Ann Horseley, 27
 Ann Viggers, 28
 Catherine Horsley, 24
 Places of Birth
 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
 Horley, Oxfordshire, England
 Coventry, Warwickshire, England
 Places of Residence
 Newington, Surrey, England
 Ratley, Warwickshire, England
 Horley, Oxfordshire, England
 Foleshill, Warwickshire, England
 Wife of Anthony, 4 children
 Unmarried daughter of William and Mary Viggers
 Wife of Joseph, 2 children
Really? You can't eliminate some of those as possibilities? Like, say, the one where her surname is Viggers? Or the one that has Catherine as a given name?
And none of the censuses that include children for Ann/Catherine/Hannah match the children listed in her profile. The baptismal record is for a different year and has different parents than the profile. The children with an unknown spouse still have the first spouse's surname. The...oh, I give up. Where's the wine?

UPDATE: In case you're thinking, "Maybe this tree owner can't figure out which is the correct person." This line goes back four more generations, more on some lines. If someone is doing actual research, as opposed to just clicking away, they would not continue back before figuring out whose profile this should be.

If you have a profile to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. F.S. is definitely Female Servant, M.S. Male Servant and Ag.Lab. the ubiquitous Agricultural Labourer.

    1. Thanks Rosemary! I haven't had much experience with censuses from across the pond and was just making an educated guess ;-)

  2. Couple of useful things re English Census data etc. First - Ireland and Scotland did their own censuses for many years, and the Irish ones suffer from the standard Irish 1922 fire problem.

    2nd, England censuses were/are done every 10 years, and none survive before 1841. The 1841 is a minefield, mainly because of the 'Age' problem - in brief, census collectors were told to round ages down to the nearest 5 years, for adults. So working out ages and birth years from 1841 is impossible!
    3rd, there is a Wiki which lists common occupation abbreviations - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_Census_1841
    and follow for later ones.
    For the official instructions to the enumerators (census collectors), see

    and for general info, what was covered, dates, what's gone missing etc etc etc, including traps for young players, see (and follow links etc)

    and you need to be good at transliterating strange scrawls on degraded paper in degraded ink, scanned or photographed somewhere between really very good, and barely there!

    Happy hair-tearing,
    Karen in Oz