20 May 2013

Her Parents Must Be So Proud

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 B: 1398 in Egypt, Egypt
 D: 1983 in Egypt

 Takelot I Pharoah Egypt (  -850 BCE)
 Djedjutudj Egypt


ⓑⓐⓡⓚⓘⓝⓖ  ⓤⓟ  ⓣⓗⓔ  ⓦⓡⓞⓝⓖ  ⓣⓡⓔⓔ
Concubine, noun
1. a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married, especially one regarded as socially or sexually subservient; mistress.
2. (among polygamous peoples) a secondary wife, usually of inferior rank. 
Socially subservient? Inferior rank? This is supposed to be the daughter of a pharaoh. Is she the concubine of a god? Maybe she was disgraced and disowned since she was born over 500 years after her father died. That kind of disgrace would affect most people's physical and mental health but I guess she was incredibly strong since she lived almost 600 years. Amazing how this tree owner figured out who the parents were even though they don't know her name or who she was a mistress to.

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