03 May 2013

Photo Friday: Numbers

Today's tree has almost 6,000 photos. I looked through the first 50 of the 249 pages of photos and there were over 47 pages of numbers. That's over 1,100 photos of numbers! If the percentage remains constant that would mean there are over 5,600 photos of numbers in this media gallery.
These are not markers for the direct line. The numbers indicate generations and almost everyone on the tree has one. The first generation that is in public view is generation 5. The last is generation 75. The 75th generation is the late 2nd or early 3rd century on one branch and mid-4th century on a neighboring branch but only because in the 70th generation they have a person born in 295 whose father was born in 450.

Screen cap from the media gallery.

If you're wondering why photos on other trees matter listen to what Crista Cowen from Ancestry.com has to say on the subject.

Thanks to Madelyn for the link to the photo gallery ;-)
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