29 April 2013

Sorry Kids But Mommy Hasn't Been Born Yet

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 Charlotte Farley
 B: 1833 in Ashcombe, Devon, England
 D: 1842 in Hinds, Mississippi, United States

 William Brock (1775-1844)
 ✿ James Brock, B: 1802
 ✿ John Brock, B: 1804
 ✿ Valentine William Brock, B: 1806
 ✿ Emily Brock, B: 1810
 ✿ Nancy Brock, B: 1812
 ✿ William R Brock, B: 1817
 ✿ Sara Brock, B: 1818
 ✿ Francis Brock, B: 1824

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“One of my grandfathers died when he was a little boy.”
–Stephen Wright, comedian
When Charlotte was born her husband was 58 years old and her youngest child was 9. Oh and Charlotte was 9 years old when she herself passed away. Yup, a perfectly suitable candidate to be a mother of eight.
Of course there are no records attached to her profile. There is one record attached to William Brock's profile, an 1840 U.S. Federal Census. The record is for a William Brock in Hinds County, Mississippi. There are four "free white persons" in the household, one in each of the following categories: Males - Under 5, Males - 20 thru 29, Females - Under 5, Females - 20 thru 29.
None of the ages match William or anyone on his profile but the record has the same name so that trumps everything else, right? It's the same person, right? It has to be the same person because no two people on the planet have ever in the history of mankind had the same name. (Hope you caught the sarcasm. I'm still waiting for that font.)
In 1840
Profile vs. Census
William Brock vs. William Brock
65 years old vs. Under 30
All children over 16 vs. All children under 5
On a hunch I did a quick search on Find a Grave. First I searched for a Charlotte Farley who died before 1850. Nothing. Then I searched for a Charlotte Brock who died before 1850. There she is. Charlotte Brock died in Hinds County, Mississippi at the age of 2. Can Charlotte Farley be just as easy to find?
Yes. In the 1841 England and Wales Census there's a Charlotte Farley who was born in Devon, lived in Ashcombe and was born about 1832. So not only did this tree owner combine two different people but neither of them could possibly be correct.

Thanks to Charlie for the link to this profile ;-)
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