18 March 2013

My DNA Results III

In case you missed the first two posts on my results (links at the end of this post) the test I'm talking about is Ancestry.com's newest DNA test, an autosomal test. It can be taken by both men and women and is currently only available to purchase in the U.S..
I wanted to have results from both of my parents before writing another DNA post. I was fully prepared to write about how I really am "Daddy's girl" because I was sure my 40% Scandinavian and 18% British Isles were all from Dad. I was surprised that the percentage would be so far off of 50%. 52/48 I could see. 54/46 maybe. But 58/42 seemed off to me. Well my instincts were right. I just never expected British Isles results on my mom's side! Not even a single digit percent. I'm stunned!
Results and more after the jump.

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So here we are Dad, Mom, and me in pie charts.

I don't know about you but I would find these percentages easier to compare visually if each ethnicity were assigned a color. It takes a minute for my brain to process that British Isles is light blue for Dad, dark green for Mom and light green for me. That's one of the many suggestions I've sent through the feedback button on the DNA page.
Like others who have taken the test the Scandinavian percentage for Dad was higher than expected but in this case it was not a surprise. I expected Scandinavian and British Isles results for him but thought the percentages would be the opposite of what they are.
As far as records, everything I've found so far on Mom's side is in Mexico and is indio so the high Native North American and Native South American percentages were not unexpected. The Spanish invaded Mexico in the early 1500s so Southern European was no surprise even though I have yet to find record of a Spaniard. In Mom's family there is a family legend about having Greek ancestry (Eastern European). She was told her great-grandfather Dimas immigrated to Mexico from Greece. Following records for the Dimas line I have church records going back to about 1822 when her great-great-great-grandparents were married...in Mexico. So the legend isn't true in regards to her great-grandfather but it could apply to an earlier ancestor or that ethnicity could be completely unrelated to the legend. As for the British Isles result, where the heck did that come from?
The Persian/Turkish/Caucasus in my results is not found in the results for either of my parents. It's possible that they both have that ethnicity but it is in such a small percentage that it can't be identified and shows up as part of their "uncertain" results. When their DNA combined it produced a larger, detectable percentage of that ethnicity in me. That's one theory. That theory and the results themselves could change as more people take this test.
When Ancestry adds some search features to the DNA page (I'm being optimistic) I'll do a more involved post on how our matches compare. I went through all of Dad's matches before there was an "add a note" feature. Now I have to go through them all over again. All 66 pages (50 results per page) of them. Sigh.
So without search options or comparison tools here's what I can tell you...

   1  Parent/child match (that would be me)
   1  3rd cousin match (leaf hint)
 17  4th cousin matches
 53  Moderate matches
 97  Low confidence matches
 There are about 7 or 8 more pages of "very low" confidence matches.
The 3rd cousin match result (actual relationship: 4th cousin) is her only confirmed match so far. I've gone through every match and taken notes. Those with no tree, a private tree or no Hispanic surnames on their tree were put in the trash but they are included in the numbers above. If I ever find a line on Mom's side that has a non-Hispanic surname I'll go through the trash. I did find something interesting while looking through those low and very low matches. There were a few trees with the surname Demoss or DeMoss. Dimas is my grandmother's maiden name and the Greek line of family legend. Could Demoss be Dimas? If there was only one match with that name I would probably dismiss it but there were a few. I kept those trees and made a note about the name.

     1  Parent/child match (again, me)
     1  3rd cousin match (leaf hint)
   79  4th cousin matches
 288  Moderate matches (1 leaf hint)
 533  Low confidence matches
 There are about 48 more pages of "very low" confidence matches. (3 leaf hints)
Of those I've confirmed 12.
 1  confirmed 3rd cousin match
     actual relationship: 3rd cousin
 3  confirmed 4th cousin matches
     actual relationships: two 4th cousins & one 5th cousin
 1  confirmed moderate match
     actual relationship: 5th cousin
 2  confirmed low matches
     actual relationships: 3rd cousin 3 times removed &
     6th cousin once removed
 5  confirmed very low matches
     actual relationships: three 5th cousins,
     one 6th cousin & one 3rd cousin once removed
There is one additional leaf hint on a low confidence match that just showed up this week. The tree is private and I'm hoping they will reply to my message. Two of the other matches with leaves have private trees. I messaged them and they let me know where the connection is.
Of those 12 confirmed matches one is on Dad's paternal side. Another connects through Dad's maternal grandmother's maternal grandparents. The other 10 confirmed matches are on Dad's maternal grandfather's branch.

     2  Parent/child matches (both my parents of course)
     0  3rd cousin matches
   32  4th cousin matches
 185  Moderate matches (1 leaf hint)
 306  Low confidence matches
 There are about 33 more pages of "very low" confidence matches. (2 leaf hints)
The only confirmed match in 4th cousins is from Mom's list and is my 4th cousin once removed. One of my leaf hints is a 7th cousin on Dad's side. I have not found that match on Dad's list yet.
Here are Dad's matches. I've copied Dad's results and added where they fell in my results after the = :
 1  confirmed 3rd cousin match = moderate
 3  confirmed 4th cousin matches = 2 moderate, 1 no match
 1  confirmed moderate match = very low
 2  confirmed low matches = 1 moderate, 1 no match
 5  confirmed very low matches = 4 very low, 1 no match
I know that's a lot of information to process and it can be quite confusing but what it boils down to is simple, matches are unpredictable. The confidence of a match may be higher for a child than for the parent and a parent's match may not show up on the child's list.


One question I've seen quite a few times is, "Should my brother/sister take the test too? Will they get different results?" My brother hasn't taken the test but there is a brother and sister in my match list. Here are their ethnicity results:
 40% Southern European
 28% Eastern European
 18% Native North American
 14% Uncertain
 56% Southern European
 12% Native North American
 12% Scandinavian
   7% Native South American
 13% Uncertain
I am considering getting a test for my brother.
Well it's been 3 weeks of DNA related posts. If you've missed any please click back to previous posts or click the DNA label under the links below. When new features are added to Ancestry's DNA page or when I find anything exciting in my family's results, or if I have my brother take the test, I'll write more about the subject.
Now it's time to find more crazy, mixed up trees to write about!

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