20 March 2013

Mother or Father?

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 Freeman (sex unknown)
 B: 1762 in Georgia
 D: 09 Nov 1807 in Warren, Kentucky

 5 siblings, all private, all sex unknown

 Allen (female)

 Thomas Ford (1754-1807) m. 1786 in Georgia
 ✿ James Ford, B: 1787 in Tennessee
 ✿ Benjamin Ford, B: 1790 in Georgia
 ✿ Absalom Ford, B: 1793 in Kentucky
 ✿ Sylvia Ford, B: 1795 in Kentucky
 ✿ Nancy Ford, B: 1797 in Kentucky
 ✿ Elizabeth Ford, B: 1798 in Kentucky
 ✿ Thomas Ford, B: 1800 in Kentucky
 ✿ Daniel Ford, B: 1801
 ✿ Hettie Ford, B: 1802 in Kentucky
 ✿ Fannie Ford, B: 1804 in Kentucky
 ✿ Isaac W Ford, B: 1810 in Tennessee
 ✿ John Benjamin Ford, B: 1815

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"Freeman" has a dozen kids with a man and the tree owner doesn't know whether this is a man or a woman? Freeman was also married to, or was involved with, a woman? I would love to see the 18th century documentation on that but of course there is no documentation, just copied trees.
The dates on the mother, Betty Adcox, are not a typo on my part or theirs. Her parents were born in 1906 and 1908 so it's understandable that Betty's husband and children are marked as private. They are probably living. So why would the tree owner plop this Freeman person into that family when he/she was born almost 200 years before the supposed parents?
After clicking on all the children only one line continues on, daughter Elizabeth's. For some reason Elizabeth's profile shows her parents as Thomas Ford and Allen (sex unknown), both of which have different profiles than the Thomas Ford and Allen (sex unknown) linked to Freeman. And it gets worse. Here's Elizabeth's other mother:

 Allen (sex unknown)
 B: 1762 in Georgia
 D: 09 Nov 1807 in Warren, Kentucky

 Jessie Spear Allen (1910-1985)
 Allen (sex unknown), B: 1837
 Allen (sex unknown), B: 1842
 Delton Lamar Allen, B: 1936
 Rusty Allen, B: 1943
 Troy Leon Allen, B: 1945

 Thomas Ford (1754-1807)
 ✿ Elizabeth Ford, B: 1798 in Kentucky

The siblings with no first names or known sex do have full birth and death information, male spouses, children, and a female spouse with only a surname. Amazing how much "Allen" and "Freeman" have in common. They have the exact same vital statistics, married the same man, are about 150 years older than their parents, and neither of them have a first name. Allen's mother deserves some sort of prize though. Freeman may have given birth a couple times after she died but Allen's mother gave birth in three separate centuries. Assuming her birth year is close to her husband's, three of those births happened before she was even born. That's impressive.

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