12 November 2012

DNA Will Solve Everything - Part 2

I didn't think I would be doing a Part 2 to DNA Will Solve Everything so quickly. Even more shocking is that all of the comments after the jump come from a single thread! Ancestry.com has been offering a chance to win their new DNA test about once a month. No matter how much information they release people still have unrealistic expectations about what this test will reveal. This thread began with the prompt, "Just tell us what you’re hoping to find about your origins for a chance to win." Of course you're then supposed to click a link to take you to the contest. I wonder, how many of those who commented on the thread actually entered the contest?
As always, I have not edited the comments for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. and my comments are in red.

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The Royal Family is not lining up to take this test.
  • That we were actually French or English Royality
  • Test me! I want to be King! (after Scottish independence!)
  • To see if my family IS descended from royal lines. That way I can demand my share of the crown jewels!
  • My research has connected my family to the British Royal family and from there, the rest of European Nobility. I would like to prove my research correct. I would also like to see a breakdown of my entire ethnic makeup: Celt, Viking, Roman, etc. I also think it would be great to connect with distant cousins from around the world.
  • I just wonder how far back the DNA data goes? If my research is right I would love to see if my research is correct. I have traced my family back to the kings of Norway on my dads side. But I would also like to know more on my moms mom side of the family. We have been told that we are descendants of kings and queens of Sicily Italy. Would be nice to know that was true too. 
  • Would love to confirm the royal line to Queen Elizabeth II and the signer of the Declaration of Independence Button Gwinnett. 
  • I have been told I have American Indian in my background (can't find) and also English Royality.

Ancestry is not digging up corpses to test. 
  • to find out if I am truly related to president Zachary taylor
  • That we can find out if we actually descend from William Thornton Smith...Seems like five different lines claim this ancestry.
  • I'm wanting to find out just how I'm related to the famous John Hancock. Who wrote his name on the Decerlation of Indpendance. I also pen told. He was adopted by his uncle. Who is one of my great grandpals.
  • I would like to know whether or not I am really related to all of those former presidents I have listed.
Apparently doing actual research is out of the question.

Going Native
  • i would like to know what native american tribe is in my mother side, so i can get past the road block also find out her dad's heritage for sure.
  • Since a lot of my family history has been lost it would be nice to know the exact native american indian that I come from on both sides of my family. On my fathers- I have heard black foot and cherokee on my mothers side we have heard Cree. so it would be nice to know the mixture.
  • I want to dig deeper into all the great family stories my mother and aunts used to tell. Was my great grandmother really a full blooded Blackfoot Indian? Also, I really want to have an official family Scots Tartan, so is Scotland there somewhere? :-)
  • My grandparents are suppose to have Indian blood in them told by their ancestors BUT dont know what knd and where they came from besides Northern New Mexico. Would like to find out so we can solve the mystery. Would love to to a DNA test and open up many doors.
  • I am hoping to determine if I have any Abanaki American Indian heritage.
  • Whether or not there is Chippewa ancestry in my family.
  • We are trying to find out if there is Cherokee Indian in my bloodline or Italian.
  • We are trying to establish Cherokee heritage for my father in law so he can be an honorary tribesman before his terminal cancer takes his life.
  • I was told my maternal Great Grandfather was full blooded Native American; would love to know if that's true or not.
  • To determine once-and-for-all how much native American blood I have and from what tribes.
The Native North American marker doesn't even distinguish between Canada, the United States and Mexico and all of you think it'll tell you the exact tribe?

Doesn't every country have a genetic marker?
  • To see if I'm really scotch-Irish. Been trying to figure that out since 1988 :-)
  • I would love to find out the percentage of German heritage in my family.
  • would like find out where in Ireland that my family came from
  • I want to know if i have ancestors from France as my dad believesand what part of spain is my line the strongest.
  • That there might be Sweedish and Croatian besides English and Irish in our bloodline.
  • I really want to find one particular ancestor from around 1750 who was either from France, England, or the Channel Isles. He holds the key to the rest of that line and I cannot find him anywhere! :-(
  • Am I from Welsh background at all?
I'm sure they'll find a British Isles or Central European result very helpful.

  • I've always thought that I understand more French than I actually do. Sometimes I dream in French. There's a rumour that there are Plantagenets in my line. I would so love to find out.
  • I would like to learn about any genetic abnormalities and also where exactly I came from.
  • I would love to know where my eyes come from! They are distinct & only my great-great grandfather's eyes look like mine! Hardly anything is known of him. I look forward to unlocking this mystery :-) 
  • I have what I was told is the rarest of all blood types... I also read somewhere that it occurs most frequently in descendants of the Basque and Royal bloodline. I would like to verify if that is factual and to find out my ancestors true origin. Please pick me! :-)
  • My shearing is in England and Canada. 1920

Bizarre Typos

I am interested to know if I and my family are full family members and if I have Indiana blood in me. I have been working on my family history since 1977. Thank you for the chance to know.
At least I hope "Indiana" is a typo!
I would love DNA ancestry to see if I can track how far back a generic disease goes. It seems to have been passed down for generations and almost my entire paternal side of the family had died from it.
Ignoring the typo, this isn't a medical DNA test. You want death certificates not a DNA test.
I am searching for that link to the American revolution. I am very close and a little travel would elk me out, but time (and money) is preventing that at the moment. Thanks for this opportunity!!!
First, this contest is for a DNA test, not for travel money. Second, elk?
To find out how much & which type of Indian we ate.
One word, proofread.

Spoon Feed Me Please

I am stuck at a dead end on my family research! On both my great grandparents that come over from Sicily, i've even purchased the world ancestry. N still got.nowhere! This is my only other option is to do DNA testing. I need help!!!
Ancestry.com has everything, right?
How about a free way to understand to Dna results?!
You must mean a free way that doesn't involve reading one of hundreds of blog posts or watching a 40 minute video?

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  1. I would love to have mine done but alas a little steep for someone on a limited income.. I was just wondering how they do DNA if both sets of ones parents have been deceased for a long time?

    1. You have two sets of parents? I have one set of parents, two parents. Living or not the DNA test is for the living. They test YOUR DNA, your saliva. If someone wants their parents tested their parents need to be living.

    2. What I meant was my mother and father are both deceased so how can they tell my by DNA if I am actually from say my fathers line if they do not know their DNA. Thats where it is confusing to me.

    3. Our Family, I'm sorry your parents are deceased, but it's your DNA they test. You have half from your dad and half from your mom. It's only part of the vast history of your family, but it can tell you a few things if done correctly. With that said, research is always a better option than DNA testing.

  2. Thanks- I understand the process of DNA,it was just a little confusing to me