17 August 2012

Force Fit

The information is from US census records attached only to Henrich's profile.
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 Henrich Elicker      B. 15 Sep 1791
 Katerine Hoffman  B. 6 Feb 1809  
 Margaret Eliker     B. 1835 
 Caatherine Eliker   B. 13 Jul 1837   
 Solomon Eliker      B. 24 Oct 1837
 George Eliker        B. 1843

 1850 York, PA  Eliker Family: Henry 58, Catherine 41, Margaret 15,  Catherine 1, Solomon 14, George 7
 1860 Fairfield, OH  Elliker Family: Henry 67, Sarah 59, Lydia 22, Christiana 17, John 16, Diana 14     
 1870 York, PA  Ellicker Family: Henry 79, Catharine 62, Margaret 36, Catherine 20, George 27

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Two children born the same year. One in July, one in October. Someone may want to sit in on a high school sex ed class.
I tried a search for Henrich in the 1860 census since the attached record is obviously incorrect. Maybe there were too many results to sort through. Maybe the correct one was transcribed incorrectly. Maybe the tree owner attached whatever hint popped up and didn't bother to look at the record. The census that most closely matches 1850 and 1870...

 The Eliker Family
 York, PA
 Henry            68
 Catharine       51
 Margaret        23
 George          16
 Catharine       11

...was one of THREE results. 
Now for the real kicker. NONE of those census records is correct because only one person listed in that family should be on this tree. Catherine Eliker married a sibling of someone in the direct line. So Catherine being born in Ohio in 1837 is correct. No one else listed is her immediate family. But by all means go ahead and disrespect her and disregard her actual family. Just add any couple with the same surname who had a daughter named Catherine and say they're her parents. Ignore the decade age difference and all the censuses showing that she was born in Pennsylvania. Ignore the 5 children born before 1870 that should be with her and her husband in that census and attach one that shows she was 20 year old in 1870 and living with her parents. Finding correct records is really difficult so don't tax your brain too much.

Catherine Eliker                        married     John Robeson Hawes
B. 13 Jul 1837 in Fairfield, Ohio                  B. 28 Mar 1827 in Montgomery, Ohio

In 1870 the couple is living in Butler, Darke, Ohio with their 5 children.
In 1860 Catherine is living with an Eliker family in Neave, Darke, Ohio. From the ages it looks like the head of household, Washington Eliker, could be her brother.
In 1850 there is a Catherine Eliker, close in age, living in Fairfield, Ohio (Where was Catherine born?) with a very large family. It looks like the parents could be Henry and Julia Ann.
Of course those records were found in a matter of minutes and none of them are attached to this tree. I don't have definitive proof that they are correct but they are certainly better choices than the ones that are attached.

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