03 April 2013

Where Do I Begin?

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 Johannes Westbrook
 B: October 9, 1665 in Albany, Albany, New York
 D: 25 Jan 1725 in Nytesfield, Warwarsing, New York

 All children have the Westbrook surname.

 Magdalena Janse Decker (1666-1727) married 1681 and 1687
 ✿ Eva (1641- )
 ✿ Annetje (1656-1715)
 ✿ Dyrck (1660-1730)
 ✿ Derrick W (1671-1706)
 ✿ Heyltje (1690-1750)
 ✿ Anthony (1692-1769)
 ✿ Zara Sara (1694-1766)
 ✿ Johannes (1696-1769)
 ✿ Orsitjen Orseltj (1697-1766)
 ✿ Anetjen (1700-1779)
 ✿ Jannatje (1700-1779)
 ✿ Cornelius (1703-1758)
 ✿ Dyrk (1706-1757)

 Magdalena Janse Decker (1666-1756) married 1687

 ✿ Antjen (1700-1783)
 ✿ Ursula (1700-1725)
 ✿ Gen Frederick (1751-1827)

 ✿ U.S. and International Marriage Records
 Johannes Westbrook b. 1665 NY, Magdalena Janz Dekker b. 1666 NY
 Married 1687 NY
 ✿ U.S. Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications
 Johannes Westbrook; Spouse Dalena Decker; Child Frederick Westbrook
 No dates or other details for Johannes and Dalena

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It's always so difficult to know where to start. Sigh.

1) There is no town or city called Nytesfield and no Warwarsing County in New York or anywhere else. There is a town called Wawarsing in Ulster County, New York.
2) Johannes married two women with the same name in the same year.
3) He also married one of those women six years earlier.
4) Johannes and Magdalena became parents three times before either of them were born.
5) They became parents again before either of them was seven years old.
6) Johannes fathered two sets of twins in the same year.
7) He became a father for the last time at the age of 86. He had been dead 26 years.

That last error is an example of "Common Mistake" #5 from The Barefoot Genealogist video below. As for the other errors, well they are the result of mindless clicking.

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