02 January 2015

Top Ten

Barking is now 3 years old! Happy Blogiversary to me ;-)
Thanks to all of you who read my blog and keep me going!
If you have just started reading Barking or if you've missed some posts this year be sure to check out the top ten posts of 2014. Below that are the top five posts from the past three years.

TOP TEN of 2014

10. No Leeway
      A crazy tree with premature births and zombies.

9. Dead End Street
    A bizarre profile for "Cul De Sac."

8. The Biblical Rule
    Rule #4: The Bible is not a source for your family tree.

7. Social Disgrace: Double Down
    An Ancestry employee refuses to read the Ancestry help page he's posting.

6. Kan u hep me fine my famly?
    Spelling usually doesn't count in genealogy except...

5. Etched in Stone
    A rant about some questionable research featured on Finding Your Roots.

4. What the WHAT?
    Comments from genealogy Facebook pages that will have you shaking your head.

3. The Best Newspaper Site For You
    How to find the best newspaper site for you.

2. Social Disgrace III
    Examples of Ancestry.com's social media failures.

1. Bottomless Pit
    A profile with 2000 marriage events and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

TOP FIVE 2012-2014

5. You might be a clickophile...
    A list, a la Jeff Foxworthy, of clickophile behavior.

4. The 10 Commandments of Genealogy 
    Exactly what it sounds like.

3. Apologies Only Go So Far 
    A rant after the Ancestry site crash of 2013.

2. My DNA Results 
    My own DNA results from the BETA stage of AncestryDNA.

1. Free Gen Websites 
    Research ideas for those on a tight budget.

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