13 August 2014

Social Disgrace III

The more I see social media's so-called "experts" at work the more I am convinced they are the snake oil salesmen of our generation. They convince unwitting suits that they have the cure for all their company's ills while knowing nothing about the company's products or services. Managing social media is needed for many companies so there must be people competent at it. Unfortunately they don't work for Ancestry.com.
Ancestry.com has a number of knowledgeable genealogists on staff. Unfortunately knowing anything at all about genealogy, the Ancestry.com website or Ancestry's other products is not a requirement for employment in Ancestry's other departments. Sometimes it seems as if Ancestry prefers to hire people who know nothing at all about genealogy. It would be nice, however, if they at least knew something about their field of expertise.

Can you spot the errors? If you found more than I did add them in the comments. My list and much more after the jump.

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First, "when you added this to your personal wall, it seemingly tagged us." This is what it looks like when a page is tagged:

Ancestry.com, the full name, is in blue because it's a hyperlink. Notice that after the person's name there is nothing. On Christine's post there is an arrow and the name of the page. That is because she posted directly to the Ancestry.com page, not to her "personal wall."
Second, try tagging Ancestry.com on a post on your own Facebook wall. You have to choose which Ancestry page to tag and those options disappear once you type the period between Ancestry and com.
Third, once Ancestry is tagged deleting the .com, or other domain, will delete the entire name. Poor Christine will be very disappointed when she posts a question to "Ancestry" on her own wall and doesn't get an answer. Well done Ancestry.com admin.
How about this one?

The only other comments on the thread were from other Ancestry fans asking what the admin was thinking. Why would the admin remove Judy's email from receiving Ancestry notifications while, at the same time, posting her email address publicly for all spammers and scammers? This may be the single dumbest thing I've ever seen an Ancestry admin do.
Here's some evidence that the social media team should know something about the website they are working for:

Too bad there isn't a searchable photo section on Ancestry.com.
Now for some general incompetence...
I was wondering why so many people think the winner of the WDYTYA? Sweepstakes will have their own WDYTYA? episode. Oh, right.

The mistake is then repeated, a month later, on Ancestry's Facebook page.

Does anyone where a show is part of the prize? Isn't that considered false advertising?

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