24 March 2014

Moore or Less

 William Moore
 Birth: 1775 in England
 Death: 1781 in Franklin County, North Carolina, USA

 John Moore (1686 in Colony of Virginia - 1753 in Colony of Virginia)
 Tabitha Pace (1714 in Colony of North Carolina - 1753)

 Ann Nancy Lanier (1749-1833) married in 1768 and 1780
 ✿ John Moore, b. in South Carolina, USA
 ✿ Moses Moore, b. in South Carolina, USA
 ✿ Thomas Moore, b. in South Carolina, USA
 ✿ Edward Moore, b. 1769, b. in Colony of South Carolina
 ✿ William Moore II, b. 1775, b. in Colony of North Carolina
 ✿ Aaron Moore, b. 1781 in England

 U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
 William Moore, born abt 1763, arrival year: 1765

Let me get this straight. William was born to parents who, if they had lived, would have been 89 and 61 years old. He married a woman, twice, who was 26 years his senior. One of the marriages occurred before he was born, the other when he was five. That makes sense since he also fathered a child before his own birth. Of course that was his second birth since he immigrated 2 years after his first birth.
Like most examples on this blog I could have my pick of profiles from this tree. Son Aaron has a child born in 1782 and wife Ann is a bigamist with two children sired by another man in 1775. She married him in 1781, a year after her second marriage to William.
How does this ridiculousness escape the notice of the tree owner?

Thanks to Kristin for the link to this profile ;-)

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