10 March 2014

I'm Older Than My Grandpa

There are variations of this profile on numerous trees. Some even appear, in the search results, to have records attached but I couldn't find any that had more than other trees.

 Sarah Jane Blansingame
 Birth 1695
 Death 1737

 Larkin Venable (1771-1835)
 Molly Ann Roundtree (1771-1856)

 Francis Bearden (1690-1759)
 ✿ Thomas b. 1717
 ✿ William b. 1717
 ✿ Humphrey b. 1722
 ✿ Benjamin b. 1736
 ✿ Edmund b. 1737
 ✿ Ambrose b. 1739
 ✿ John b. 1744

Thanks to JoAnn for the heads up about this profile ;-)
If you have a profile or photo to suggest you can email me at buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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