07 March 2014

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Title of photo: D of J of A
This image was uploaded 2753 times to a single tree.
Two THOUSAND, seven HUNDRED and fifty-three!!!

Thanks to Kristin for the link to this tree ;-)

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  1. How does anyone have the patience to upload ANY image that many times (setting aside the question of why)? Seems like it would take months of doing nothing else!

  2. Don't know ancestry tree functions, but I suspect that someone somehow added this to "everyone" in their wild-and-woolly tree within their gen program, and then just uploaded the gedcom.... Lots of brainless 'researching' followed by a simple brainless *click*. Rather than a really focused hobby ;)

    1. A gedcom doesn't include photos. The only program that could do that would be Ancestry's FTM because it syncs with the online tree. If they use FTM I would guess photos showing up individually rather than attached to a group of people is because that's how they were added. I'll have to ask someone who uses the program.

  3. Judas Priest on a Palomino, that's insane!