28 February 2014

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Here's one way I find potential blog fodder. I search Ancestry.com for public tree photos for a common surname and look for flags or coats of arms images. Within minutes I will have found a tree full of zombies, premature births, and other illogical profiles. It never fails. Inevitably it will also be a tree that is wasting space with useless iconography that has been uploaded hundreds of times.
Today I searched for Jones and Johnson. For each name I clicked the first flag in the search results and ended up in the same tree. Here is just one page from that tree's media gallery:

Over 40,000 images and I would bet about 30,000 of those could be narrowed down to 50 if the tree owner would just attach more than one profile to each image.
For those of you who noticed the page number, no, I didn't click through all 735 pages to get to this one. I chose a random page. You can do this quickly in any media gallery with three easy steps.
1. Click to page 2 in the media gallery.
2. Go to the address bar and change the last number (which should be a 2 if you followed step #1) to whatever page you want to jump to.
3. Hit enter.
If you want to take a look through a media gallery on a public tree go to any page on that tree. You'll see the address starts with http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/ followed by a number. That is the tree's id number. Delete everything following that id number and add /media. Hit enter and you'll be taken to that tree's media gallery.
You've probably already guessed that my next post will be a profile from the tree that goes with the above media gallery ;-)

NEXT POST: Zombie Pioneer

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