10 February 2014

Civil War Zombie Corps 5

 Robert Christopher Freeman
 B: 27 Jun 1748 in Tarrant Crawford, Dorset, England
 D: 27 Oct 1803 in York, York, South Carolina, United States

 Ralph Freeman, b. 1549 in High Ferrers, Derbyshire, , England

 SPOUSE & CHILDREN*                  *all born in South Carolina with the Freeman surname
 Margaret McKnight
 B: Jul 1757 in Ulster, Antrim, Ireland
 D: 22 Jul 1813 in York, York, South Carolina, United States
 ✿ Allen, b. 1771
 ✿ Margaret, b. 1782
 ✿ Sarah, b. 1783
 ✿ Eleanor, b. 1794
 ✿ William, b. 1796
 ✿ Robert C, b. 1798
 ✿ Sarah, b. 1820

 ✿ England & Wales Christening Records, 1530-1906
    Robert Christopher Freeman, 8 Oct 1749 in Tarrant Crawford, Dorset, England; Father - Robert Freeman, Mother - Catherine
 ✿ Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Sarah Freeman, b. 1783 in York County, South Carolina to Christopher Freeman and Margaret Mcknight; married Silas C Stallings in 1800; d. 1856 in Blount County, Alabama;
 ✿ U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865
    C Freeman; Rank - Private; State - Tennessee

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I just love it when people attach records without actually looking at them. The profile shows Robert's father's name as Ralph. No, please don't bother to look at the record. It couldn't possibly be correct or include additional information (i.e. his mother's name). It could also lead you to a father who wasn't 199 years old when Robert was born. We can't have that.
And a record for Robert's child? Sure add that. Makes perfect sense to add that to his profile and not, by the way, to her profile. Neither Sarah has records attached. Maybe if they did someone would have noticed that the second Sarah was born after both parents were dead.
Then there's the Civil War record. Always a logical choice for someone who died in the early 19th century. The surnames are the same so it has to be the same person, right?

Thanks to Linda for the link to this profile ;-)
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  1. Another great example of what not to do. I don't agree with folks who think this is horribly rude to post these. First of all, no individual nor a specific tree is identified. Secondly, they can be used as a nice little exercise like a daily warm-up to hone our own skills: "How many errors can you spot in this entry?"
    Thanks for posting!

    1. Now I'm curious about who thinks my blog is rude! I never out an individual or post a direct link to a tree. In most cases there are multiple trees with the same error(s) so even if readers go looking for the tree they either won't be able which one I used or will have to sift through dozens to find the exact one.
      Thanks for reading ;-)

  2. I would guess most who think your blog is rude would be those who have had errors pointed out to them but will never do the research to make the corrections?