14 February 2014

How is this useful?

I have not resized these photos but the tree owner might want to consider doing just that. Of course these are not the only miniature images on this tree, they are just examples. There are lots of original documents on this tree that are completely useless.

Thanks to Janet for the link to this media gallery ;-)
If you have a photo or a profile to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. I knew a man once that did this sort of thing with his online trees. He wanted to show everyone that he had them (and you did not), but he did not want to share them.
    Of course, I also knew a woman in one of our family groups that did this. It was just a matter that she did not know how to upload properly and she had a software that did this shrinking for her - without her permission of course. She ended up being forced to email them to someone else to upload so they were usable.
    Funny thing computers. :)

    1. Some of the uploads that I didn't include are screen caps of Ancestry pages, the index for a record. That just confuses me even more. I can see wanting access to the information when you're not subscribing but those aren't legible either. People are weird.

  2. "People are weird." <----- Understatement of the year. And much kinder than what I usually say.