01 November 2013

Social Disgrace III

In Social Disgrace II I said I wouldn't be doing anymore posts about Ancestry.com's social media team. I lied.
On October 15th one of the admins on the Ancestry.com Facebook page thought posting 16 (SIXTEEN!) photos one after the other was a good idea. Yeah, because taking over your fans' newsfeeds is never annoying or spammy. I managed to miss one but you get the idea.

Links to the original posts on Facebook are here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here

In response to someone who complained the admin essentially admitted the multiple posts were intentional and defended her decision.

The next day an admin either thought the spamming had to be an accident or was trying to put the blame elsewhere. The comment is unsigned so it could be the same admin trying to deflect the negative remarks.

For those who don't know, on Facebook Pages it's possible to time delay posts. I would assume that any tools that allow you cross post across various social media have this ability as well. It would have taken the admin only a few minutes more to set these to post one per day for the remainder of Family History Month. It's not as if the social media team has so many posts that they can't fit them all in.

That's right, 36-48 hours with no posts at all but it was absolutely necessary to get all 16 photos posted at once.

In an unrelated incident...

Dear Ancestry.co.uk,
First, Leona didn't ask you for help. Second, she lives in the Pacific Northwest so why should she message the co.uk page when she's not asking about Ancestry.co.uk or the UK collections? And lastly, the "new FTM" hasn't even been released in the UK yet so how exactly are you going to help her? 

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog while while on Ancestry.com's Facebook page and was hoping to add my thoughts on this post.

    This first person who posted the 16 stories in a row did not mention that they were all supposed to be released at once. She simply apologized for any inconvenience as several members voiced that they did not like seeing all the photos. The second Ancestry employee than apologized saying that they were all supposed to be released as once. Clearly it was a mistake on Ancestry.com's part, but hey, everyone's human and makes mistakes, right?

    In your second post, you mentioned that Leona was asking for help with her FTM. Ancestry.com and Ancestry.co.uk are essentially the same. Many employees who work for Ancestry.co.uk are also stationed in Provo along with Ancestry.com, although I believe that they are trying to transfer everything over to Ireland. Anyways, since the two sites are almost identical, there will be many times when employees of one site help the other, and vice versa. Although Leona did not ask the question directly to Ancestry.com, someone working on social media for Ancestry.co.uk may have had some down time and they may have decided to help out with some Ancestry.com questions. Although FTM is not released in the UK, all Ancestry employees (even the ones in UK) are trained on FTM and each employee has a copy of the program and the companion guide. I don't think you should criticize someone who is fully capable of answering a question just because they are using the UK version of the website. For all we know, the individual could be from the US but answering social media questions for the UK. We will never know... but yeah just my thoughts!