18 November 2013

Your Genealogy Library

Updated: 16 Jan 2015

Like the playlists on YouTube I'll be updating this periodically. Once the lists are larger I'll break them down into more categories. This list is for more recently published books but may include a few older books that have stood the test of time.
Books on internet research, especially those focused on a specific website, quickly become outdated.
"The company that purchased Ancestry Publishing’s business several years ago has published the second edition of The Official Guide to Ancestry.com in Kindle format and Nook format. That book was published in 2008 and is extremely outdated...George [the author] strongly recommends that you do not purchase either ebook version of this book." - The Genealogy Guys Podcast
So books dealing with a specific website or internet research in general will be kept to a minimum. The categories so far are: 
Non-Fiction: DNA
Non-Fiction: Ethnic Research
Non-Fiction: Genealogy Reference
Non-Fiction: Personal & Historical Stories
Children's Books
If you have any suggestions for the list or an opinion on any book on the list please comment. Thanks!

 The main library in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1874.


✿ Bonner, Brynn  Family History Mystery series
✿ Brown, James  A Promise to the Past
✿ Day, Patrick  Murders and Genealogy in Hennepin County
✿ Fishman, Stephanie Pitcher  Finding Eliza
Fox, Jimmy  Genealogical Mystery series
✿ Goodwin, Nathan Dylan  Hiding the Past
✿ Hart, Hazel  Family History
✿ Havelin, Michael  The Ben Bones mystery series
✿ Hollingsworth, Gerelyn  The Janet Burney genealogy novellas
✿ Luben, Jacquelynn  Tainted Tree
✿ MacPherson, Rett  Torie O'Shea mystery series
✿ Mathieson, Gordon  The Family Tree
✿ Molyneux, Stephen  The Marriage Certificate
✿ Nixon, John  The Cuckoo Clock
✿ Nixon, John  Family Shadows
✿ Nixon, John  Stolen Futures
✿ O'Neary, Gearòld  Where's Merrill?
✿ Peartree, Cecilia  Reunited in Death
✿ Percival, Wendy  Blood-Tied
✿ Rawlings, Norma E.  It's in the Genes 
✿ Rawlings, Norma E. Malvern Murders
✿ Rawlings, Norma E.  Sleeping Dogs
✿ Rawlings, Norma E.  Sleeping Dogs II
✿ Robinson, Steve  Genealogical Crime Thriller series
✿ Sprinkle, Patricia Family Tree Mysteries series
✿ Wiseman, D.J.  A Habit of Dying


✿ Kean, Sam
✿ Smolenyak, Megan & Turner, Ann
✿ Sykes, Brian
   Adam's Curse
   Blood of the Isles
   Seven Daughters of Eve 

NON-FICTION: Ethnic Research

✿ Beidler, James
✿ Bowen, Jeff [trans.]
✿ Clifford, Karen
   Locating Your Immigrant Ancestor's Homeland
✿ Colletta, John Philip
✿ Melnyk, Marcia Iannizzi & Tedesco, Mary M.
   Tracing Your Italian Ancestors
✿ Ouimette, David S.
✿ Phillips, Richard Hayes
✿ Ryskamp, George R. & Ryskamp, Peggy Hill

NON-FICTION: Genealogy Reference

✿ Breland, Claudia
✿ Clark, Gary W.
✿ Cooke, Lisa Louise
✿ Hite, Richard
✿ Jones, Thomas W.
✿ Kemp, Thomas Jay
✿ Leclerc, Michael J.
✿ Mills, Elizabeth Shown
✿ Milner, Paul
✿ Morgan, George G.
   How to Do Everything Genealogy (4th ed., 2015)
✿ Morgan, George G. & Smith, Drew
✿ Newman, John
✿ Rising, Marsha Hoffman
✿ Roberts, Gary Boyd
✿ Rodda, Anne Patterson
   Trespassers in Time: Genealogists and Microhistorians
✿ Rose, Christine & Ingalls, Kay Germain
✿ Smolenyak, Megan
✿ Taylor, Maureen A.

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NON-FICTION: Personal & Historical Stories

✿ Cohen, Rich
✿ Colletta, John Philip
✿ Fradin, Dennis Brindell
✿ Gates, Henry Louis
✿ Griswold, Mac
✿ Hill, Richard
✿ Jackson, Buzzy
✿ Littrell, Ryan
✿ Luxenberg, Steve
   - Interview with Steve Luxenberg Part 1 and Part 2.
✿ McThenia, Tal & Cutright, Margaret Dunbar
   - This American Life episode: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar
✿ Miller, Edward A.
✿ Roach, Marilynne
   Six Women of Salem: The Untold Story of the Accused and Their Accusers in the Salem Witch Trials
✿ Scott, J. Richard  The Secrets of Jackson Glen
✿ Smolenyak, Megan
   In Search of Our Ancestors
✿ Wilson, Jennifer
   - Interview with Jennifer Wilson here.


✿ Hovorka, Janet
    Zap the Grandma Gap

Disclaimer: Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement or positive review.

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