06 September 2013

Aunt Generation

An aunt generation? I honestly have no idea. The tree owner's father had three sisters and her mother had five. None of them have this photo on their profiles.

Title: Individual was in an Aunt generation
Date/Place: Unknown, Internet Clip Art
Description: Relative was in the aunt cagetory [sic]- all generations are included. If just the person's last name is in caps, she is in the aunt cagetory [sic]. If the complete name is capitalized, the lady is also in a Great-Grandparent generation. Other photos may also be attached.
Uploaded: Once, thankfully, and linked to two profiles.
A note on one of the profiles: "3d G-Grand Aunt and then married my 3d G-Grandfather Pleasant Almond, but she was not my 3d G-Grandmother."
The other is a 4th great-grandmother of the tree owner.
Attached: Only to this tree.

Coffee mug with "Aunts are special, especially mine" on it.
Caption: "All generations of Aunts included"

Thanks to Rene for the link to this photo ;-)
If you have a photo to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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