05 June 2013

Murder She Wrote

ALL the names have been changed and locations redacted. I also altered the dates. They are not the point of the post and I do not want to encourage murder groupies.
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 John Doe Jr * Murdered Victim
 B: 1790 Jul 7 in [County], [State]
 D: 1832 Sep 30 in [Road], [County], [State] Murdered


 ✿ Marriage to Mary Smith
     1815 Oct 6 in [County], [State]
 ✿ Marriage to Jane Jones
     1827 Nov 18 in [County], [State]
     accusations that John Doe Jr, murdered his second wife!
 ✿ Other information:
     Accusations that John Doe Jr murdered his second wife
 ✿ Death
     1832 Sep 30
     [Road], [County], [State] Murdered
     John Doe, Jr, his son Robert and niece Catherine were brutally murdered in their sleep where they camped for the night.
 ✿ The Murder:
     1832 Sep 30 in [Road], [State]
     Ezekiel took a small axe & best out the brains first John Jr, then Robert & then Catherine, he drag their bodies to a ditch & Ezekiel left in Doe, Jr's carriage with blood dripping along the dirt road.
 ✿ [no title]
     1832 in [County], [State]
     Randolph sold Doe, Jr a slave named Ezekiel. Randolph must have been aware that Doe had literally thousands ($8,000.00) of dollars on his person & likely conceived a plane to persuade the slave to murder Doe, Jr & take his money.
 ✿ the Plan for murder
     The slave, Ezekiel was to murder his new master, taking his money, he was told by his previous master, Randolph, that he would have to share of the plunder & receive his freedom!
 ✿ Court Hearing:
     Ezekiel was brought to trial & admitted his guilt. He admitted that his former master, Harris Randolph, istigated the conditions of the reward provided to him for his commission.
 ✿ The so called laws at the time:
     At the time, a slaves evidence against a white man cannot be legally taken, so that the instigator (Randolph) escaped ALL punishment, while the slave (Ezekiel) was hunged for executing his former master's wishes!
 ✿ Possibly another person involved
     Another white man, Jim Thomas was also believed to have been involved in the conspiracy, though, like Randolph, he was NEVER brought to justice!
 ✿ for years
     Lawsuits over John Doe, Jr's will went on for years!
 ✿ Other information:
     That John Jr's brother, William Doe was murdered by an associate of Harris Randolph, who of course had his daughter Catherine murdered!
 ✿ About Harris Randolph's character
     Randolph was a wealthy businessman, a gambler, fathered numerous illegitimate children by whores & slaves (as many as 100, by one estimate) & had a notoriously violent temper. He was frequently involved in assualt & battery cases - around the Doe murders.

 ✿ Ancestry Family Trees

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There are nine stories in the media gallery. One is a PDF with no title. Three are about the family's cemetery. The final five are stories about the murders.
There are seventeen photos in the media gallery. Four are cemetery photos: headstone, family plot, cemetery entrance and a transcription of the headstone. Four are scans of a magazine article about the murders. Two are scans of a transcription of a newspaper article about the murders. The other 7 you can see if you return to my blog on Saturday. [NOTE: It's a crazy week so Photo Friday is being pushed back a day. Sorry!]
I will never understand focusing on someone's death rather than their life and there is very little on this profile about this person's life. But then the tree owner seems to be obsessed with all people famous and infamous. Most people of note, and there are many on this tree, have a comment explaining the (usually quite distant) relationship to the tree owner. For the above profile here is the comment:
I am NOT related to [John Doe], Jr. his father, [John Doe], Sr. married [Mary Catherine Hall], his second wife, who is my 14th cousin 6x removed. And [John Doe], Jr's Step-Mother.
Profiles of famous people on this tree are, of course, public even if they are living people because how else would we know that she is related to them? One of my favorites is for an Oscar-winning actor. She has added an custom event titled "Little tidbits:" with an extreme close-up of a woman's perfect smile. The note for it is, "his teeth are capped."
To each their own I guess. I just wish they wouldn't waste so much space with ridiculously pointless photos. I've shown you examples of tree owners who have to upload a photo to every profile. Well I think this person's goal is to upload a photo to every event. UGH!

Thanks to Janet for the link to this profile ;-)
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  1. The information on the murder should have been put into the notes section and written as a story not as facts.

    Or better yet just retype the magazine articles. That explains the situation better than anything. My husband's great great grandfather tried to murder his wife and then killed himself. I got the information from a newspaper article someone sent me. I just typed out the newspaper article word for word in the notes section and sited my source at the beginning.