08 June 2013

Murder She Wrote: The Photos

Here are the photos you've been waiting for ;-)
Like the previous post names and dates have been changed.
All the photos are on the profile of John Doe, Jr * Murdered Victim, Wednesday's featured profile.
Five of the photos are also attached to specific events in his timeline.

Image Title: john doe jr sleep image
Event Title: Death
Event Date: 1832 Sep 30
Event Note: Murdered John Doe, Jr, his son Robert and niece Catherine were brutally murdered in their sleep where they camped for the night.

John Doe Jr. died at the age of 42.

Image Title: john doe jr money images
Event Title: [no event title]
Event Date: 1826
Event Note: Randolph sold Doe, Jr a slave named Ezekiel. Randolph must have been aware that Doe had literally thousands ($8,000.00) of dollars on his person & likely conceived a plane to persuade the slave to murder Doe, Jr & take his money.

Image Title: john doe jr image
Event Title: What he did for a living
Event Date: 1835
Event Note: John Jr was a slave trader & sold a number of slaves for his father, John Doe Sr in [State] during 1829-1830

Image Title: john doe jr horse carriage images

Image Title: john doe jr gambling images
Event Title: About Harris Randolph's character
Event Note: Randolph was a wealthy businessman, a gambler, fathered numerous illegitimate children by whores & slaves (as many as 100, by one estimate) & had a notoriously violent temper. He was frequently involved in assualt & battery cases - around the Doe murders.

Image Title: john doe jr court image

I'm sure any court John Doe Jr. had dealings with in the early 19th century looked exactly like this. Yeah, still waiting on that sarcasm font.

Image Title: john doe jr axe image
Event Title: The Murder:
Event Date: 1832 Sep 30
Event Note: Ezekiel took a small axe & best out the brains first John Jr, then Robert & then Catherine, he drag their bodies to a ditch & Ezekiel left in Doe, Jr's carriage with blood dripping along the dirt road.

For the first time since I started this blog a year and a half ago I need to take some time off.
I'll be back on June 17th with more jaw dropping stupidity.
Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Janet for the heads up about this profile ;-)
If you have a photo to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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