20 February 2013

Keeping Up With the Joneses

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 Cadwallander Jones
 B: 1585 in Somerset, England
 D: 1681 in Virginia, United States

 Richard Jones (1570-1681)
 Lady Ann Jeffries (1575-1616)

 Anne Jeffries (1612-1703)
 ✿ Richard Jones (1608 Virginia - 1681 England)

 Katherine Dedman Taliaferro (1584-1685)
 ✿ Richard Jones (1608 England - 1681 England)
 ✿ Cadwallender Jones (1613 Virginia - 1699)

 Ann Bluet (1625-1683) married 1642 in Virginia
 ✿ Abram Jones
 ✿ William Jones
 ✿ Richard Jones (1580 England - 1681 England)
 ✿ Cadwalader Jones (1585 England - 1609 Wales)
 ✿ Frederick Cadwallader Jones (1601 - 1692 England)
 ✿ richard Jones (1608 Wales - 1681 Virginia)
 ✿ Richard Jones (1608 Virginia - 1681 England)
 ✿ Richard Jones (1608 Virginia - 1681 England)
 ✿ Richard Jones (1635 England - 1653 Virginia)
 ✿ Frances Ann Jones (1680 Virginia - 1726 Virginia)
 ✿ Cadwallader Jones (1843 England - 1692 England)

 ✿ U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
     Cadwallader Jones, male, marries Katherine in Virginia
 ✿ Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
     Cadwalader Jones immigrates in 1683. Lands in Pennsylvania.
 ✿ U.S. Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783
     Cadwallder Jones, Captain, Continental Troops

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1580  Cadwallander's son Richard is born. Cadwallander is -5 years old, his wife is -45.
1585  Cadwallander is born. His mother is 10 years old.
1585 - 1608 Five more children are born to Cadwallander and the woman who is not yet born. 
1608  Cadwallander has 5 sons named Richard born to 3 different women.
         Two of those women haven't been born yet and one gives birth to
         three Richards on two different continents.
1625  Cadwallander's wife, Ann Bluet, is born. She has already given birth to 6 children.
1681  Cadwallander dies. His father and six of his sons die too. All seven men are named Richard.
1682  Cadwallander rises from the dead and leaves the colonies.
1683  Cadwallander immigrates to Pennsylvania.
1692  Cadwallander's youngest child, who won't be born for another century and a half, dies.
1775  Cadwallander is living a long life as a zombie and fighting in the U.S. Revolutionary War.
1843  Cadwallander's last child is born. Cadwallander has been dead for over a century and his wife for two.

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  1. I have seen this tree! How in the name of genealogy do people rationally conclude this? They just want to make it fit. I have seen trees that have my 4th gr. grandmother living in a completely different area...having four husbands and dying 10 years after she really and being buried in a completely different cemetery 400 miles away from where she is actually buried. NEver mind that I have all records, including the cemetery records proving otherwise...they still leave it.

    1. Now you know where to send the links to the crazy trees you find ;-)
      Unfortunately I'll never run out of material. There is hope though! I was going through old emails and checked a link to a tree. The tree owner had corrected everything on the profile >:o Shocking but in a good way!