18 February 2013

Civil War Zombie Corps 2

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 Dr. Daniel Worth
 B: 10 Dec 1739 in Sherborn, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA
 D: 10 Jul 1830 in New Garden, Guilford, North Carolina, USA

 .Joseph -split- Worth
 B: 1696 in Massachusetts, United States
 D: 14 Jul 1790 in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, United States
 Lydia Gorham (1701-1763)

 .Joseph -split- Worth
 B: 1696 in Massachusetts, United States
 D: 14 Jul 1790 in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, United States

 Eunice Hussey (1744-1830) married 9 Feb 1764 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Job  B: 1765 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Elihu  B: 1768 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Zeno  B: 1770 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Lydia  B: 1772 in North Carolina
 ✿ Sarah  B: 1774 in North Carolina
 ✿ David  B: 1776 in North Carolina
 ✿ Rachel  B: 1778 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Joseph  B: 1781 in North Carolina
 ✿ Stephen  B: 1785 in Massachusetts
 ✿ Thomas  B: 1802 in North Carolina

 ✿ 1790 US Census
     Danl Worth in Guilford, North Carolina
     2 free white males over 16
     2 free white males under 16
     4 free white females
 ✿ 1820 US Census: Guilford, North Carolina
     Daniel Worth in Guilford, North Carolina
     1 free white male age 16 - 25
     1 free white female age 16 - 25
     1 free white female Under 10
 ✿ Massachusetts, Marriages, 1633-1850
     Eunice Hussey and Daniel Worth, 9 Feb 1764
 ✿ U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865
     Daniel W. Worth, Confederate, North Carolina

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There are at least five different profiles for a Joseph or .Joseph Worth born in 1696 in this tree. Two of them are connected to Dr. Daniel Worth. One as his father and the other as, no that's not a misprint, his spouse.
If the tree owner is the home person on this tree they are claiming that their 5th great-grandfather either had an incestuous relationship with his father or had a relationship with someone with the same name, birth date, birth place, death date, and death place as his father. That same 5th great-grandfather also managed to reverse aging since he should've been 81 in 1820 but according to the attached census he was no older than 25. Forty or so years later he rose from the dead after being buried for a few decades just so he could fight for the Confederacy. Oh, and let's not forget the 5th great-grandmother who gave birth at the age of 58. Sigh.

NOTE: I've had this profile bookmarked for a while so it is not a result of the glitches some people have been experiencing on Ancestry.com in the last week or two.

Thanks to Shirley for the heads up about this profile ;-)
If you have a profile to suggest please send a link to buwtree(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. I have to laugh at some of these that you put on here. I amy make a mistake but I try and be very careful. If I do find one in my tree I ratify it as quick as possible. either by correcting or deleting.I realize that not all census are correct as sometimes it is very hard to read the writing on them.And I do not go by other tress as I learned that lesson long ago

    1. When I first started the blog I think I used a couple trees that just had one mistake. Easy for anyone to make but could lead to many more. Now the trees I feature are riddled with errors. I'm amazed that they go unnoticed and uncorrected. A lesson to us all ;-)
      Thanks for reading!