11 February 2013


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 Harley Meadows*
 B: 20 Sep 1909
 D: Aug 1982

 James Meadows* (1789-1871)
 Anny (1789-????)

 Polly Mary Propst* (1815-1898)
 Married 7 Jun 1835

 CHILDREN (all have the Meadows surname)
 Amanda B: 1836
 James* B: 1839
 Francis Marian* B: 1843
 Alonzo Whitney* B: 1847
 William Jasper B: 1849
 Mary Ann* B: 1851
 Cordelia B: 1858

 Attached to Polly Mary Probst
 1880 U.S. Census: Meadows Family - Alexander 67, Polly 64
 Attached to Harley Meadows
 1920 U.S. Census: Meadows Family - John 48, Harley 10, Henry 8

 *Each of these profiles has a photo, the same photo.

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The list above includes everyone on this tree. This tree owner was probably on the right track with the 1920 Census. Then they decided tree matches were infallible and mattered more than facts. Those two census records are the only records attached to this tree. Every other "source" (using Ancestry.com's definition, not a genealogical one) is Ancestry Family Trees.
Parents born 120 years before the child. Wife born 94 years before her husband. Children born 51 to 73 years before their father. We can only hope she's happy with 11 people in her tree and has stopped clicking.
I was tempted to post the photo from this tree but since she's living I'll refrain. It's the only photo in the tree and it's of the tree owner who is in her 40s. Of course clickophiles never ignore a photo so it's attached to James M Meadows (1789-1871) in at least two other trees.
From the caption on the photo and a note on Harley's profile he is the tree owner's father. Maybe if the tree owner had entered herself in her tree she would have realized having siblings over 100 years older than her is a physical impossibility. Nah, it probably wouldn't have helped.

Thanks to Linda for the heads up about this profile ;-)

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