08 October 2012

Cradle Robber

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 B: 1780, England                             B: 1834, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England
 D: 1850                                          D: 4 1913, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
  Their Daughter
  B: 28 Apr 1822, Yorkshire County, England
  D: 1905, Campbellstown, Preble, Ohio

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No, I have no idea what Elizabeth's death date means. Ancestry's program has translated it as Apr 1913. Dates on other profiles on this tree are entered in the standard format, i.e. 8 Oct 2012.
Thomas supposedly marries a woman 54 years his junior. If they married the year he died she would've been 16 years old and he 70. Of course the bigger problem is Elizabeth giving birth at the age of negative 12. Sigh.

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1 comment:

  1. Sigh is right.

    As for the death date - it probably came from the England & Wales Death Index which is organised by year and quarter. My guess is that Elizabeth's death was registered during the 4th quarter of 1913 at the Scarborough registration office. She didn't necessarily die in Scarborough.

    Sigh ...