29 June 2012


You're excited when Ancestry.com adds a new collection but when you go to your tree you notice you have 300 new hints. They're all from the new collection and 120 of them are for the same person. How can this be? 
Q: How much information do you have in that person's timeline?
A: Well I have his marriage record from 1843. So why am I getting 120 hints from a collection in the 1930s?

Q: Do you have a year for his birth?
A: No. I don't know it so I left it blank.
And there's the problem. No search engine will estimate a birth year from the marriage year or death year or any other item in the timeline.  A search engine will also not estimate a birth year of a person based on the ages of their children or siblings but you can. It will keep the hints a little more realistic and you won't risk getting carpal tunnel ignoring 120 irrelevant records. 
Use bef, aft, and abt for before, after, and about or a range of years (i.e. 1820-1825). If the site you're using has age range options use them when you actively search. Adding the +/-1 to +/-10 filters when you search will help keep results in the range you need.

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